Expain this !

September twenty seventh rolled in and immediately staked the claim

of the coolest day the year had seen , at least since the time I was a teen,

The sun arose, so glorious, then faded into clouds,

But midmorning came and turned the clouds around.

Our small family met in the city park for lunch and games

And conversation, and to get to know some new relations.

At home a pleasant day was had trimming the yard in the midst

of favorite football teams racking up some yards. [Americans!?]

Then in the evening after dinner, when the sun slipped down so helter skelter,

We grabbed lawn chairs and slipped to the back lawn, not needing any shelter.

The harvest moon arose and huge it seemed, cause the orbit was closer

Than its usually been. Then the neighbors came out of their houses to watch

The harvest moon at near equinox. The show started slowly so slowly it seemed,

But rapidly gained its momentum till adults and children quieted and gleaned

The essence of now was now indeed, and the sun and the moons alignment

seemed interrupted when the Earth slid between , and cast its great shadow

On the lunar landscape, and nearly put out the lights of the super moons show!

And slowly the umbra crept across the face, of the man in the moon,

Till it had made the case, that the moonglow was gone and the children raced

Indoors to bed, perhaps for school, but the red of the eclipse put them all off their pace,

And their minds would not know till all had talked face to face.

That natures call had brought them to a place where wonders abound

And that reality bore the proclivity to be round.

Cool, Huh !

200 or bust!

I nearly let my 200th post go by unnoticed! Though this is not an extraordinary accomplishment, The number seems to qualify this as a stepping stone of sorts. I may have kept banging on these keys and achieved this number, but I know that having many distinguished readers reading and liking my style of writing, as it is, compelled me to write and read the blogs inherent on this forum.

Ok, now that the fuss and bluster are done, I must decide what to write about on this most illustrious occasion! A love poem perhaps?

The noble eagles in flight across the blue, cloud studded skies cannot see what I see when I gaze into your eyes. Of emerald green or dark naughty bronze or sapphire brilliant, I can rise no higher, for past the hue of the outward eye, the third eye that peers out and sees my soul, makes me whole and sets my heart afire!

A philosophic statement of sorts may fill the bill.

We can do much better than run from zombies. After all they walk soo.. sl.o..w …l….y!

We must not ,however, ignore Real danger! We should muster our forces into a large safe spot, gather together in a line, squat low to the ground with our heads between our knees, and kiss our cowardly asses good-bye! [ I know, not much of a philosophy , is it? ]

Or I possibly could toss words around till they fall into form and lie properly and neatly to form a story of sorts.

Great torchieres cast phenomenal shadows beyond the planets’ orbit till, blotted by the solar light, a reversing polarity hums them hither to scare our children into eating their supper!

Mayhap the answer lies within a comment made simply to crawl under the skin.

” Do you itch? Man I sure do! It must be them oak mites that been chewin’ on folks for the past couple o’ years! Man I sure do itch! Want me ta scratch yer back for yeh?”

Well , the gist is taken, and I really must say, I have written better and had more to say,but that was a while back during better days. That being said, I would like you to know how I appreciate all who write their ideas and experiences down for me to learn from and enjoy.   And the appreciation for those who read other authors’ ideas and ideals are equally loved by bloggers , novice or professional!  Thanks y’all! williamleeone     ; )

If Yer Lucky!

Searching fer gold really aint all that easy, I done it afore I got the proper devices.

Ya gotta look and pry in all the proper crevices,

And all ya see aint really gold, they got a name for it and its called fools!

With that real gold yeh gotta speculate and dig out there where nobody else aint.

And ya gotta have a lot of special tools, like hammers and picks and dynomite, hoohee!

Now yuh can find some gold if yuh look real sharp, in the city on the corner

or in walmart. If gold there aint your type I reckon, yuh could find a woman goin your direction.

Found me a goodin’ once upon a time and I thought that I’d lost her

on the night before. Then I ‘membered that she’d passed clean out on the bar room floor.

So i hadn’t fergot, Ah jus’ didnt ‘member and she’s plumb tickled to get a ride home anyways!

Now all this tomfool talk ya think has got me away from lookin’ fer gold but yer wrong I say.

When I took ‘er home to her momma and poppa, she gifted me a three ounce golden chain !

I sold it at the pawn shop for a hunerd fifty dolla!

…………………….for me: ……………….

for me: Trying to follow a woman’s mind is similar to trying to pee with my hands tied behind my back! I can make my best guess, then everything Depends on the wind!

for me; trying to follow a woman’s directions is sort of like trying to fly a kite! They seem to follow the wind!

for me: trying to hold a serious conversation with a woman is kind of smelling a popcorn fart! The consequences disappear in the slightest breeze!

for me: trying to change the makeup of a relationship with a woman resembles a cosmetics table! The next shade of today is close on the counter!

for me: trying to understand a woman’s understanding of a man can be as difficult as trying to collar a cop. Once caught one can’t be to sure who is collared!

And asking for mercy from the women in my world, Is now a priority!

Speak to Me

I just finished watching a movie. No huge deal for most folks, I know, but this movie of love and martial arts surprised and delighted me with enigmatic scripting and acting along with well filmed and choreographed fight scenes that were placed in the proper places of the story, and a few well placed [ I thought ] flashbacks helped rather than hindered the story line.

I viewed the entire film glued to the screen with headphones snugly fit over my ears , and did not, nay, could not, understand a word of the dialog ! That fact really should not constitute reason for surprise, It was just that every character spoke only in Chinese. Very careful attention was required to unravel the story line, but the effort was worth the outcome.

Now this brings me to the gist of my writing. During and after this screening I became aware of how engulfed I had become and thought that a deaf person could have more easily deciphered the plotline than I. I recall wondering if an immigrant with only one tongue , [ and that speech not Chinese ] would fare better than I, and if a bilingual { two tongues }viewer might not have an advantage interpreting this  show. With so many of the bloggers I deal with learning languages from all about the world, realization struck that I, and most Americans, are crippled, or would be if so many others did not learn English, in as much that we limit our value because of dealing with the majority of the people only with the aid of interpreters . If everyone else on the globe did not already understand me, I think I would learn to communicate in another language!

Blind Luck

Love is blind, we know all too well, blind love can easily lead one to hell

On earth, for emotion so strong may blind even the most astute

Scholar of iridescent feelings, and cause the unravelling of controlled will.

Search carefully , certainly with eyes and mind both clear,

Be sure the reflection between two is a mirror,

Because uneven vision combines to create a potent state of peril!

Run not into love , blind as a bat.

Walk in and enjoy till eyes see the complete

Picture composed , when true hearts do meet.


Time slips thru my fingers , like the water of the lake, or the sand at the playground in the park where I used to play.

Not enough of it can I make, the need seems a thirst impossible to slake.

The attempt to conserve, the effort to save, seems futile in the face of ones grave.

Wilting away with the autumns last flowers

And with winter freezing the reach of this writers mind

Ultimate disaster this lack of time!

I Promise!

Promises drawn on a properly resourced account are very easy to keep, don’t you think? The base resource(savings) is flush, as is the secondary (checking and/or debit ) and primary ( cash on hand ) . Of course , the value of the promise ( the bill, or check < funny we have one of these on both sides of the ledger> ) must be taken into account at the time of the transaction. ie: “I  promise I will pick one of those up for you while I am at the store. ” can be be covered by the promiseee/hereafter referred to as p1/ with cash on hand// hereafter referred to as primary option// or a debit card ///hereafter referred to as, secondary option///.With more serious promises ie “I promise I will marry you!”the promiseor

////hereafter referred to as,p2////might want to check deeply into p1’s depth of promise credit in order to determine the ability of p1 to uphold his/ hers  end of said bargain! Therefore p1s base +secondary+primary ,score must contain sufficient resources to satisfy p2s anxiety over committing to such a serious proposal! This brings me///// hereafter referred to as”the mediator”/////to the end of this presentation. This is absolutely the simplest method to explain how we////// hereafter referred to as”the community”//////make and keep promises to and from ourselves!<see community>The mediator  promises this to the community!

Taking care!

The cracks in my armor leak the dust of my blood, eroded away by the work that I have done. The ashes of my hair drift in the breeze, wafting over my dehydrated soul that tried so hard to make her whole; while the skin from the fingers fell out the holes worn into my gloves after so many times of raising her up. From the soles of the feet worn smooth from the stress  delivered, holding and carrying above the ground while she rested, this woman to whom my life has been bound. Proud and strong and with faith borne of  my Lord, the right things got done and now I can recover strength to endure until my time has come!


And NOW I have been told that I am an oxymoron. Is that possible?  I definitely am not sure the term relates to people, but after considerable consideration I am almost certain that the possibility exists in a place it does not! Hereafter let it be known that troubled, confident people, need not wonder how these obtuse ideas get scattered about in large piles, just waiting for a chance to overcome a drifting,sentient,stalwart of the community, because they just do! There is no need to gather wet dust while clouding the infitisimal mind with such harsh rhetoric, all in the name of unreal expectations of reality! Never again will I ever broach this subject  again and you cannot count on it, try as you might! I would like to thank this inscrutibile, lackluster friend for reminding me of this beautiful oxymoronic word just in time for me to do my laundry! I wash my hands of this perfect mess!