Going some way?

And so the grand tour begins. We have chosen a new ride for the next leg of our journey and just to make sure that all things are new we have chosen a brand new driver to guide our chariot through the hills and curves lying in the path of a new, unknown destination. A driver, untested, a vehicle unknown, and we did not even bother to ask if someone had a map. I hope our new leader knows how to drive a stick.

26 thoughts on “Going some way?

  1. I’m raising my right hand in the sign of the cross…..
    “May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord watch over our tired and hopeless lives as we sink into the abyss for the next 4 years (wish it were only 40 days and 40 nights). And send us help!”

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    1. You know , as much as I wish to believe that our “Trump” card is really just a slightly deranged patriot with an annoyingly possible agenda, I really cannot get past my gut feeling that we are about to be shoved in front of a bus. I share your prayer! ; )

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  2. At least the election woke a lot of complacent Americans up. I hope we can maintain this momentum to make a true difference in where this runaway chariot goes. The House and Senate will be crucial over the next few years. The US Congress has not officially declared war on any of the seven countries we are currently bombing. I would like to abolish daylight savings time, abolish the ethanol mandate and the air bag mandate, for starters. Trump wants to expand eminent domain. Nix on that. He supports fracking and oil pipelines. Nix on that, too. I support bringing our troops home and putting them to work reviving passenger rail. Everyone loves trains. They are energy efficient, friendly, and would reduce wear and tear on highways and in cities.

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      1. I believe the bottom of the totem pole supports the top. Most change comes from the ground up. Regular people are finding their voice(s). At the moment, it’s still a little shrill, but I hope time will temper that.

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    1. “Brings the troops home”? Doubleplusungood! We are in a state of perpetual war (undeclared). By the way and in relation to sentence no. 2 of this total of 4 which I am going to “send” to you courtesy of the Internet: the book “1984” was not a prognostication. It was a sign on the times in which it was written –the so-called nineteenforties.

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      1. Maybe you are in a state of perpetual war, but not me. “1984” and others of its time, such as “Brave New World,” “Lord of the Flies,” and “Heart of Darkness” came immediately after World War II, and were prophetic, in their way. They predicted the natural outcome of man’s succumbing to his baser nature. The mechanistic view of the universe–so called “modern science”–has undermined traditional monotheistic beliefs, but modern physics is aligning itself more and more with an Oriental type mysticism that puts “life force” or “qi” at the center of all things. According to this paradigm, it really is all about love.

        The perpetual war you refer to is prominent not only at home but in all our international dealings. We need to get over our addiction to fighting and learn to cooperate.

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      2. Well, actually and factually, the elected and present representatives of the entire States of America, United, are at the very instant of this very message employing various methods of assualts at differing places of our Globe. Perpetual and perpetuated war. The “we” that I applied in my remark to you was meant to represent our collective government. And you knew such before you composed your retort.

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    1. Aww hell, don’t sweat the small stuff ! Our man does not possess the vocabulary to understand any directions he may be given. ( I swear, I did NOT just say that ! ) ; ) I believe
      that we will figure out where we are going just as soon as we get there ! ; )

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