Wagon! [a funny looking word]

Wanna be a wagon jumper? It is fun and easy to do. The next time a new diet is posted, just try it, just buy it, do not check it out! That wagon can be ridden until the fad runs itself out, or when everybody has jumped off. Get on the wagon when public opinion drives into town with a morality lesson that nobody needs. Safe you will feel  with your friends all about, till an open mind peels the rind and exposes the heart of the soul who is thriving off the generosity of those aboard, then you can sneak off the wagon like a rat slips a ship when it sails into port! Another wagon there will be to climb upon when election day draws near, when a public servant or neighbor or perhaps even you!, come under scrutiny for the things that they do, and another wagon will be filled with folk who go with the flow, never daring to research the line that drew them to the ride on the wagon!

Around the Bend

When reading a book we learn the bend of the writers mind in the end…….While viewing a movie we learn the bend of the directors thoughts in the end…….A tour through a museum gives up glimpses to the bent of various artists in the end……..A walk through a life exposes the bend of our makers mind in the end………..

cannot wait till spring

I thought I would drown in a tub full of dreams till realization came over me; these ephemeral thoughts were meant to teach me of all peoples ability to contribute to what I am , and what I can be, no matter of the proximity, thoughts, thought about become a part of the entirety that really is me. Now if that is true, may I truly construe and postulate, that my thoughts and feelings somehow relate to the growing, or stunting, of other folks growth as much as theirs does mine? If that is all true does it mean that you, yours, me and mine, are changing the thoughts of the world sometimes? All we really need to do is pass ideas, rights and wrongs,to each other across the internet, until enough time passes that the common thought of simple folk like us could possibly bring to humankind a kind of new human spring?


Quiet rampages all through the house, all noise is snoring, even the dog. Twould not even matter if I heard a mouse, conditions are perfect to write in my blog! Over my shoulder there is noone to peer. telephones remain quiet, no ringing I hear,and it is time to write about all things I hear that well up from deep in my brain, no concern now but to print the refrain, that will purge my conciousness for the night, no need for me later to wake in a fright, from something left brewing in my thoughts overnight! The time seems fine now to put firmly on paper a situation I find abhorrent to say the least, and tonight is the night I will capture the beast! And render the thing down to the prehistoric bones that have haunted me since I found the crease; in time that released the thing, to haunt me I had thought till the end of my line! So, now to protect my progeny from the agony inherent to dealing with this creature that bends my mind to it’s will. Expose’ time is coming around as soon as I have napped. It has been a long day!

In my mind

Loneliness and being alone are totally separate entities. I can be lonesome within a partying crowd, especially when things are really loud, cause then I would much rather flee to find  place to be alone; alone with my thoughts and memories of a time when responsibility pertained mostly to how I conducted my business personally, with no need to worry how my actions would affect so many people around me that I can not neglect. Being alone gives me time to reflect and consider without concern what I would like to do next, without concern for everyone I care for now who should be able to find their own way about this world and let me alone sometimes so I can worry about me; I posses the capability more so than they who need constant refreshing to know that care has not gone away. I am lonely only deep in my mind, and shall be until I find my alone time.     Smiles to all,I am not ready to crash, I am merely expressing my introspect so that the people I love and care about,know that I have a need most know nothing about!

One year and three seasons…..

Lord protect the ignorant, for they know not what they do.If they lost the posts they have been elected to, we would be forced to care for them as well as the drunken fool who steps into something new, and tries to walk onto the congressional floor without wiping off his shoe.And all the sheep in the herd who voted and elected the wolves all dressed in wool, will need someones help before the representatives who fill the house start ordering the lamb stew. An act o congress then it would take, to keep the reps in check. Likely the order would change to chops, and all the sheep would lose their first born to pay down the government appetite. At last when all is over, Lord, I have one more prayer to ask. May the president-elect posses the inalienable right to declare himself an alien!   [To all of us, May we get through the two year election process not disliking the many politicians who will screw up our television watching, while taking our minds off the truly important happenings in the world!


While some are wading through their life and I find that I am slogging through mine, it behooves me to check wrists, ankles and heart and find the ties that bind. Those ties, it seems, can be made of iron or fleece,it is how the knots are tied that give them the strength, to anchor a soul to lifestreams shore,and hold one steady for the rest of lifes length, those knots that are difficult to be unwound, those that chafe and wound and cause one harm, those are the hardest ones to take.  So throw me a line made of spider web and lace. Help me pull loose from my mooring place, and set me free to float for awhile, down lifes flowing river; help me find my smile.


Jones’in is what we used to call, bumming a smoke when be’in broke. “Hey man” you’d call after catching a friend lighting up at the mall,”I’m just on the way to get smokes” you might say”Can I bum one from You? A light too, yeah thanks, I walked out with the habit, not even with matches, thanks man I will catch up with you.” Jones’in when you’d stop at a party ’cause you thought you had seen a car, that belonged to someone like the friend of a friend; an excuse to get in the door. Just pop in and look around, grab a free beer and a smoke and then wander away while you could do it on your own. Jones’in when you know that you’re the third wheel, wander a bit say “hi” and stuff, then leave before anyone mentioned, ” seen Bill around?” “yeah I think he just left” “what was he doin’?'” just Jones’in”