Implied Consent?

Implications of changing lives. Let us say that as a sick,deluded, person you decide to ruin someone’s day by throwing a cat under someone’s car but the car never showed up? Our intended victim decided to stop for coffee that morning,thus throwing your timing completely off,and you are left standing on the corner with your cat out of the bag! The implications are immediately understood and you had best be getting off the street before you are accused of molesting your pussy!

But in a somewhat more realistic sense, think of circumstances that ,in hindsight you would wish to avoid. Say that a bus crash on an overpass occurred this morning and it was the bus you would normally have taken to work. You are happy that You weren’t on this bus. The implication would be that you, too would have been involved in this incident. But suppose you HAD boarded that bus and dropped your briefcase on the way in and because of this slight delay the bus was not in the exact spot at the exact time the crash had occurred and hence the accident never happened.

So what has this mental exercise proven? Maybe nothing at all, but it does seem to me that a judgement made solely on an implied idea may be best not acted on immediately. IE. I was at the convenience store with my pistol The store was robbed while I was there. (Implication)I robbed the store.( reality) because I was there with my pistol, I captured the robber and was a hero!

What is happening?

Pain in the neck is robbing my sleep.

Go to a doctor, let him have a peek.

Find the pain source, knock it out with a shot.

Warmth on the neck, an oncoming wreck!’

Fear, confusion,  struggle, illusion.

Breathing gets tough,moving is rough.

Dual worlds, gravity pulls, desperate hand holds, words not understood.

Legs pushing up, arms grasping the bunk, a flop on the mattress,eyes looking up.

Hand reaching out doubtfully trying to help with no understanding.

Twins become one and breathing is labored.

Voice finally heard communication struggles.

Control eases in, questions are pondered.

A day disappears while others peek, pry and question.

Home again, no questions answered, heart is okay, no pain in the neck.

Coming soon , more interviews!

First Crush

I remember when I first saw you there at the race

I remember thinking, “That woman should sit upon a star

With a frame around her face.

then it seemed I would see you everywhere!

At the market, downtown,or in your car

And I could not but wonder how I never noticed you before.

When finally. I got the nerve to say hello, your smile blew me away

But still, for some reason I cannot say

I never asked and I don’t know why!

Just a dumb male, I must have been

Maybe though this counts as a win.

Cause your perfection lit up my eyes

We never had reason to fuss or fight

So your face brings me a smile no matter where

I think back to when I admired you so

And never will I ever  know

What could have been and tantamount it is to sin

Only because I never asked back then!

Long time coming!

Lurking within the conflagration, the misery of man began the preparations,

For the time seemed right for societies fall; total anararchy was the goal.

The world divided fed the demons desire to destroy mankind and all the good he

had wrought, and replace freedoms for which so many had fought

With fascism and anarchy so to squash peoples dreams

Of freedom to choose how, when and where to live and prosper and raise families.

many factions already existed that the devil could use

So with confidence, and boldness the evil unleashed

The weapons of war it possessed. Whispering lies and words of deceit,the propaganda machine was the perfect weapon

To achieve the goals through manipulation of mans greatest weaknesses

Greed and pride, desire and avarice, all human conditions , easy to manipulate,

hatred and prejudice fanned the flames and the monster felt sure he was winning this war

Till a passionate crew of thinkers and writers came up with a plan,

The machine being employed to wreak destruction,

Could save the world, by the learned’s deductions, By utilizing the power

Of progressive thought, to change the programming of the wicked control


And use it against the owners original intention.

And so soon the changes came to pass , and education kicked evil in the ass!

Baaaaa !

Then past the drought of the past ten years, when all were tired and the tears of the hungry children were the only moisture on the dust, a sudden gust of wind from the south brought a taste of moisture, as if to tantalize ones imagination of distant memories of water from the skies. But the rain did begin to fall, just a little at first, then the skies filled with cumulus clouds and the lightning and thunder woke the earth all around! The beginning to the end of the drought had begun, though the relative spattering was not to be a cure. Unforetold , the rain continued to fill the streams and reservoirs and suddenly it seemed, that The once scarce commodity had turned into the bane of usual business, and the people began to complain of the   continual dampness and the flooding of the roads and the rapid rise in the numbers of critters, such as mosquitoes and flies and other bloodsuckers and all wildlife not used to abiding in water.But the rain kept falling and the water spread and the cows were stranded away from their sheds;many housekeepers  dreaded the mornings with the mud tracking across their living rooms, and the workers of the fields had nothing to do but polish their best shoes, in case a trip to town seemed emminent.[Small chance since the roads remained flooded] When finally the weathered faired, and the prognosticators of the weather scene tried to explain how a weather event of such magnitude could have crept past the radar of wisdom garnered, and the clergy warned of the wrath of God, The flood receded and the earth glowed green and life indeed was easy again, but superstition so deeply engraved, left many to fret and disbelieve that natures course is ever changing; refusal to enjoy natures bounty transformed the political leadership, when the electorate changed the face of government so as to be sure this tragic event could never occur again!

For Rent!

Digging deep into the vaults of my mind today, I found there was not too much to find!

It seems my memory is set up in the same way as my retirement account; in kind!

I checked into cognitive processes

And found out that is a skill set I no longer possesses!

Diving deep for instinctual behavior

Brought nothing to light even I could savor!

Just when I was thinking there was nothing left to share,

My training kicked in,(you know,automatic responses drilled into ones head and require no thought)

So I jumped on my ‘dozer and leveled my brain, then I paved right over the same,

And turned the space between my ears into a parking lot that I can rent out for years!

(Anybody need storage for old memories, thoughts or fears) ?

(Grandmas advice, old love affairs,the time the scout leader…)

(Bike wrecks, car wrecks, old drug trips that left you a wreck)

passions, fashions, C-rations, clothes-old fashioned ) Guaranteed safe, you keep the keys!

Just remind me what you left.

Not responsible for illness, accidents or spoilage.

Adults only! No bored games, Please!

Early morning shower

The chill wind preceding the storm pushes back the curtain and knocks a vase to the floor. A couple strokes of lightning flash from afar triggering the thunder that rolls in the distance, and the rain falls slowly for awhile but increases quickly til it is a downpour.

This early morning,late summer shower, somehow energizes me in my half awake mode and I feel fine.