……….It has been a long winter……

The sheen of green across my lawn calms the mind and clears the soul and helps to fill the gaping hole left when life seemed to increasingly sour, and only now has the summer sun that feeds the grass begun to lift my sagging spirits. Thunderstorms that soaked my mind till I felt I would drown now raise my thoughts along with the flowers that dot the space that I like to call my backyard park. The sky is soaking up the blue of my troubled emotions, and the clouds that float there now brighten my day instead of storming my moods. Soon, I hope, the weather will calm and the sky will shine with stars all through the night and my nightmares change to dreams!

Just Human

While peeling through the layers of my life, seeking to clear the dust from under the rugs, of memories false and untrue, I could not help but to construe, and remember the many thoughts that remained, that brought me much happiness as well as the pain, and makes up so much of a persons life, It is much easier to recall the strife!


Walking barefoot on a freshly groomed lawn with the tiny blades tickling my feet; the welcoming call of my neighbor from across the street; the blooming bliss of freshly coiffed flowers; instill and infuse the soul with a sense of God-given power; of joy and the intense sense of peace and content; until back in the security of my living room; I make the mistake of watching the news.

…………….A Night long coming!…….

The plain with the rain is mostly in Spain! I always had problems remembering those quaint folk sayings. Do not put all your baskets in one egg! I believe this comment was intended to make sure that an earned penny was never lost to a learned politician! My favorite may be a bush in the hand is worth two birds! , but one must find someone with two birds who needs a bush! If I had heard that so many times, I would probably have a nickle! Any Loose but way, is one of my favorite East Clintwood movies, along with The joselaw  out of wales. Tickleit or licket is one of my favorite laws in MO. No arm of the long law will be able to resist it! Hopefully I will not be driving!  😉

Just a dream?

Wading trough the waist high prarie that seemed to stretch before eternally, searching for some suitable place to rest, a vision appeared ahead and seemed to beckon my step. Pushing on, though the light seemed shaded, a hilltop loomed upon the path suddenly appearing worn through the grass and surrounding itself with flowers, an oasis in the midst of beauty, a fresh cool spring with sunlight glistening on the mirror of the water beckoned till I could peer into the depths and see the reflection of you standing right behind with the lovelight in your eyes. I could not resist, so whirling about I touched your hand and you kissed me on my sweaty brow, and that was how I found my love that day and carried on my life with my lovely wife in the verdant fields till death finally took us away to the promises of the future!

Almost wet dreams!

Very nearly today, I almost saw the all colored light and felt drawn as I imagine a moth must feel when being drawn to a flame. My destination seemed near and some sort of fear seemed to draw my gut into knots and only around the nearest bend; so close to seeing, with a mix of trepidation and overwhelming excitement, The light quickly dimmed and rounding the corner suddenly seemed quite understated then overrated, and I woke hugging my pillow!

Better pay attention!

The words so softly left her pouty mouth,almost inaudible,most like a whisper, and filtered into his sweaty ears,and almost he could not hear them over the sound of the blood still pounding through his veins, and hard he tried to discern them. He stared into her large brown eyes, and almost realized her intention. His mind still buzzing from the finish before she finally got his attention. With a sharp right knee, right on target you see,he rolled to his side with a moan,”I told you you fool, move off of me, For I must use the restroom!”