Please,be Careful

Far below where the common-folks go
Are basements and caverns and holes
Barred and chained at the top
Meant to keep prying eyes out
For the safety
of the wives and children

But curiosity kills the cat
So crafty minds pick and pry
Try to loosen chains
and unlock locks
And attempt to peek
behind the walls
That forbid the seeing.

When the maelstrom rises
And dismay abounds
When the dust has settled
And order resounds
The clear eyed sleuth
Can then clearly tell
The abyss was secured
From below, from hell.

Start Over

Ahh, the stroke of the keypad feels rusty. The rhythym of the letters does not exist as a beat, a count, but rather as a rush and a rest, a starting and stopping.

My point of view has shifted so imperceptively but so very definitely, I suppose there should not be any wonder at the confusion that exists in my mind. I mean it IS still from behind the same eyes and from within the same mind I compose but with the emergence of a new facet built into wall of logic from whence the ideas flow it seems that the pull of the current steers the flow of the words onto and over the banks of the old stream of thought and begins cutting new channels that guide the impetus of expressed ideas and mores.

It really seems odd to me that the realization of what physical health means to the thinking being should change so much how that being expresses itself. Having come to that point I cannot deny what is so obviously true….I am not the same man I was two weeks ago. And that being said, even though my main thoughts and outlooks remain the same, enough variance exists that expressing those feelings is equal to revealing the thoughts of a comparative stranger.

When one declares from a platform familiar and steady the power of the words reflects the stability of the platform and when the platform exists in a state of flux the resolve of the words seems unsteady even to the hand that wields them.

Enough of self-revelation, for now it is enough to have restarted the engine and having goosed the throttle a little it is enough to have committed these few words to paper, it is enough to have acknowledged a new beginning.

Non Plussed

The past six to eight weeks have found me dealing with a health issue , one that I cannot seem to get a step ahead of. Abdominal bloating and shortness of breath along with painfully swollen feet and calves has led to much blood work and a scheduled battery of tests to try to determine what and from where this malady is and occurs. Several common culprits have been ruled out and a few unlikely scenarios are being investigated. I write this, not to alarm anyone, but to try to clarify the importance inherent to a potentially life style changing ailment to myself as I have never endured any medical emergency much more serious than a pesky case of pneumonia and a minor TIA in my life. I suppose that I am trying to say that ” Even if my scribblings begin to quibble with various physical maladies and the treatments involved, rest assured that I remain nonplussed inasmuch as my views on life and soul remain essentially unchanged. Thank you all in advance for your future patience and understanding . ”   ; )

The Trouble with Tires

Hey, everybody look over here! There seems to be a flat tire on my car. This car will not function well with a flat tire. Who is in charge of flat tires around here anyway ? Does any one else out there have a flat tire ? Does anyone out there know someone who has a flat tire and how does that flat tire affect them? We should not be expected to be required to live with flat tires. No, I do not want you to help me fix my flat tire because if you manage to fix it, I will have nothing left to bitch about and will lose my standing as the leader of all who have flat tires. I just want to know why we have flat tires to start with. No, I just told you that I don’t want you to fix my flat tire and if you continue to insist I will ask one of my followers to knock you down so that I will still have a flat tire and a reason to bitch about them. What is that you ask… Yes I can fix a flat tire. I will fill the holes with so many nails that the tire will never again be able to go flat. Ridiculous you say ? You do not know what you are talking about, just ask any of these people around me what they know about flat tires and they will tell you the same thing I just told you, We should not have any flat tires !  Have you ever had a flat tire ? Since you have then you must be a part of the problem. You do not like what I have to say about flat tire then you must be the cause of all flat tires , Followers, knock him down ! Now as I was saying, flat tires…… infinitum

Written after watching a politician speak .


Caught between

A rock and a hard place

One side potential ecstasy

the other consummate dread

There is not much joy in whoville

Where the desirous grinch sows his seeds

Not much more lies in whatifville

If the fields tended cannot be mended

And must be abandoned.

There is not much hope

When pulling the plant

Leaves the root behind