I am not good at making money so I asked a friend who is good at making money his secret.

He told me that, in his point of view, making money is really pretty simple…….as long as one doesn’t care how or where the money comes. He also mentioned that money is much harder to keep than accumulate.


As it is

If you are walking along and happen to cast a glance sidelong and you see a man with a wisp in his eye please do not stop and ask him why,sometimes it is best to just let the man cry. If he has not asked you along to share this lonely sojourn just stand aside and let him by, sometimes this is the way that a man cries. No reason clear, no smoke is near , some past error or slight and probably has nothing to do with you on this night, just stand aside and let him sigh, let the emotion slide, let the man cry .His  to give, as if the pressure on the cheek that caused the moisture to leak and run along the rugged chin could somehow make things right again.  Just can’t tell if heaven or hell could cause those salty tears to well up from the spring  hidden in the desert of a mans personal hell. Could be melancholy posted from days gone by, some emotional tangle never resolved, something left behind when life carried on, rearing up on an evening when his guard is let down and no reason right now to quash it away unless a body stops by to wish a nice day but better it is to glide on by with soft tipped wings and allow emotion to die. Joy and pride and who live or died and who got lost or found, are all common grounds to water and tend to now and again and you know that if passing the time ceases the flow, long it may be ere the relief lets go,  so sometimes its best not to ask or really even wonder why. It belongs to him to let er fly,  a moment in life, just let the man cry.


I really need to get something off my mind. I am really kinda sick and tired of reading , every day, of the ills and bad wills and atrocities happening in the world today! I want and deserve and am entitled to live in a peaceful world of plenty and I expect SOMEONE to formulate a plan, and execute said plan , and fix the pestilence of this world; I demand these things be done NOW!

While this Someone is fixing this planet I DO NOT WISH TO BE DISTURBED ! I will offer my full support to this endeavor as long as no one expects ME to actively DO anything as I am entirely too busy assuring that my own comforts and desires and goals are being achieved while this undoubtedly arduous process is being consumated.

I truly believe that if the PEOPLE will get behind this plan and push for its execution promptly, The Worlds ills can be cured before the beginning of the NFL 2016 season.

Thank you for your support !

homeland concentrate

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the beauty and peace and ugliness and violence I encounter on the streets of the U.S. I fire up the old desktop and check my local weather, check the lakelevels of the local reservoirs, Skim the sporting situation around the world and delve into the bitter,daily violence that is reportedly running rampant around my country.
A horrible man in Texas killed some policemen, and the next day,1500 miles away, a couple of “cops” killed a street vendor. 3000 miles west of there a semitruck damaged a bridge causing a partial collapse that crushed a car killing a 12 yr. old girl.Hundreds of miles to the north and 1300 east, news reports that young men living in slumlike conditions were found to shoot each other at greater rates than any where else in the country.
Meanwhile a few miles from the town I call home, a lady and her children ran out of gas on the highway and a curmudgeonly looking old hippie stopped his pickup truck and reaching into the bed of his truck produced a container of gasoline and immediately poured it into the ladys fuel tank and sent her on her way. A church on the north side of town opened their doors and distributed donated food to the less fortunate residents of the town.A group of lawyers and bankers sued an old woman for her deceased husbands medical bills and evicted her from her home.
Hundreds of miles east a deranged individual knocked an old woman out of her car and drove it across town to purchase drugs, while two miles south of him a group of inner city kids got together and dragged trash out of the mighty Mississippi River.
A group of folks who think more of animal welfare than the well being of their neighbors staged a drive intended to raise funds that will hopefully keep every puppy in the country in chew toys and alpo for the rest of their lives, while across town some homeless people cuddled up with their strays cats while trying to find shelter from the summer sun.
On the west coast the surfers were counting sharks, while their compadres on the southeastern tip of the opposite coast were counting manatees and alligators and such stuff.
In the midland a group of builders donated their skills to raise a community building while across the state a man drove away from the service station without paying for his gas.
Yes, I admit that I am overwhelmed by the ferocity of society but I am likewise overwhelmed by the generosity of our citizens. I am overwhelmed by the diversity of our peoples but I am just as overwhelmed by the sameness of our people. Never will our population be a smooth homogenous mix immediately recognized as having expected responses to any particular stimulus. But there is one certainty that I hold near to my heart. When the media begins reporting equally and without prejudice about all the activities of our varied populace and folks gain an understanding of the scale of the land they call home and realize that a few manners and a bit less selfish behavior could lubricate the skids of society, then a new era of understanding and acceptance will come to pass and no one will have anything to worry or complain about.
Personally, I am not going to hold my breath till that time comes.

I am wondering again

I have been thinking and wondering a little bit lately. All right, you have caught me in my lie. I have been delving into my soul and pondering the universe and blaming God at the same time I have been begging for guidance. I have worn the stairs of my mind into a ramp fit for the disabled me that I have created while wondering “Why?” Why, where and when did I fall so far out of touch with myself that I was waking to a new bed partner even though I have taken to sleeping alone these days.[figurative] I no longer recognized me.

Sure, I have been wading through many changes in my life recently, changes in my body as I age concern me as does the perception that people do not seem to see me as I am accustomed to being seen. Has everyone really changed so much ? Or is there some radical change in my persona, some shift in my paradigm that I have yet to accept or adjust to ?

Stepping back, looking at my self from a third party view, reviewing my thoughts, memories and feelings revealed much to me that I have forgotten. With the depreciation of some skills comes the appreciation of some new and I am just learning more useful ways of expressing them. In short, there does seem to be some illumination in my night, a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

The lyrics , ” I am a mirror ” from an old song acted as a trigger in my mind ; they reminded me how I have used the reflections of folks off myself as a tool of understanding. I also realized that I was accepting those reflections of myself from others as gospel proof of self, that is to say I was believing in someone elses propaganda.

I do not think that there are enough words or enough time to succinctly communicate my ideas of what I have been through over the past few years, but I do know deeply now, that the disparaging thoughts and words of those folks with a bent to tear others down while intending to make themselves taller in comparison, should not be dismissed as coming from harmless, mean people, but should be taken seriously and fearlessly and they should be set firmly into their place at the trough from which they feed. And though I do feel pity for those who choose to follow such vermin, I no longer have a need for such weakness of character in my life and these people shall have to wallow in the mire created when they forgot to think for themselves.

Anybody want to dance ? ; )