Non Plussed

The past six to eight weeks have found me dealing with a health issue , one that I cannot seem to get a step ahead of. Abdominal bloating and shortness of breath along with painfully swollen feet and calves has led to much blood work and a scheduled battery of tests to try to determine what and from where this malady is and occurs. Several common culprits have been ruled out and a few unlikely scenarios are being investigated. I write this, not to alarm anyone, but to try to clarify the importance inherent to a potentially life style changing ailment to myself as I have never endured any medical emergency much more serious than a pesky case of pneumonia and a minor TIA in my life. I suppose that I am trying to say that ” Even if my scribblings begin to quibble with various physical maladies and the treatments involved, rest assured that I remain nonplussed inasmuch as my views on life and soul remain essentially unchanged. Thank you all in advance for your future patience and understanding . ”   ; )


I have carried with me for the past few days a feeling that I was forgetting something.  I have been checking my pockets, Searching through my pickup, Looking in my drawers, [ My dresser drawers ! ], etc.  Today I realized that one year ago I dreamed up a name, filed a password and wrote my very first blog.

One year in the life of a man is a very short time so making a big deal of such a minor event seems to me a bit pretentious. So why is it that as I write these words, right now , my eyes well with tears and all the memories of the blogs, and the feedback and the sharing, overwhelm my senses ?

Could it be that the folks who have read me, communicated with me, disagreed with me and smiled with me are really REAL people ?

Thank you all from the depths of my very soul for inviting me and my ideas into your den. I refer to the blog as my den for here I am free to acknowledge my every whim, to vent my every frustration, to match hearts with some of the most giving REAL souls I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Fellow READERS, and I say this because anyone who writes must therefore read, Thank you all for sharing your feelings, thoughts , fears and celebrations with me ! I am a better person for having met you all .

BTW    I do not intend to go anywhere that I cannot climb into the ‘net, so You will all have to put up with me for the forseeable future. [or not] Damned philosophy!


First Crush

I remember when I first saw you there at the race

I remember thinking, “That woman should sit upon a star

With a frame around her face.

then it seemed I would see you everywhere!

At the market, downtown,or in your car

And I could not but wonder how I never noticed you before.

When finally. I got the nerve to say hello, your smile blew me away

But still, for some reason I cannot say

I never asked and I don’t know why!

Just a dumb male, I must have been

Maybe though this counts as a win.

Cause your perfection lit up my eyes

We never had reason to fuss or fight

So your face brings me a smile no matter where

I think back to when I admired you so

And never will I ever  know

What could have been and tantamount it is to sin

Only because I never asked back then!

Early morning shower

The chill wind preceding the storm pushes back the curtain and knocks a vase to the floor. A couple strokes of lightning flash from afar triggering the thunder that rolls in the distance, and the rain falls slowly for awhile but increases quickly til it is a downpour.

This early morning,late summer shower, somehow energizes me in my half awake mode and I feel fine.

Could be nice, or BS! I just write this stuff!

I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony[If I actually knew how that is done] and buy someone a Pepsi[ I dislike Pepsi, but if everyone else drank it,there would be more Coke for me.] so that all the world could sing and shout, and dance around the square,[ That would be the center of a town] and do things they would normally  not dare! Like listen to the tunes of life, from the past and near the future[ which would be around now, being the present and instantly the past] so that we could have some fun and maybe nurture a new generation with forward thought and congenial attitude and enable our children to bring to life a brighter and more benign world where we could all enjoy our Coke, or Pepsi or whatever would be the thing of tomorrow in perfect harmony! What a gas![ hopefully that will be the past; or the future because biological function……….Have a nice future!

Estrangement beaten!

Trapped between the foundation of the house of estrange and the stone that consists of the base of mother earth, the root of love may linger on past the time of the elder ones. The energy to feed the sucker needs come from above the soil, yet little trunk nor leaf need be seen, when the existence is not foreseen.Such roots need very little feed to exude the incredible force needed to break so slowly the bond twixt earth and man.The balance shifts when intended hearts bond, and begin to feed the thief that awakes and flexes the awesome strength,to crack the stone and lift the base of the house of estrange, merely the start of the beginning of a new home yet to come. Now the rain and sun of new love begun inadvertently at birth, soaks the roots and strengthens the stem and the leaves but noone yet perceives the growing power that love possesses ,and the smugness of the house sleeps in the deeping bliss of ignorance,And even in the quaking and shaking twixt the world and structures above the root retains the stolid feeling from the healthiness of the love that grows above it. Push may come to shove as they say, but far sooner it twould have had to come, to break the bonds of the house and the land when finally the powers sought to fight and shake loose the chain that sought to bind them ,and so it came to pass and in time build another solidarity and again it seemed the house was one with the earth,but the wise advise the house living there now,” power to survive comes from many directions,do not forget the might that can creep from below.” and. “may it be long ‘fore this house see the unrest, that destroyed the one before it!”