When its time to relax…

From the port in my refrigerator door

The tiny particles of Ice shower my wrist

and the hairs tingle upright in their pores

And the cubes fall in with a tinkling sound

And fill the mason jar up and then mounds

To the top then  the frost laden surface gives way

To the brown spiced rum sprinkled over,

The liquor polishes and smooths the icy cold cubes

And waits in the bottom for the shower

bubbling forth from the ginger ale spout

whose bubbles and froths carry the spirits

about in this one pint container full of

refreshing delight

Till the nose hovers over

nostrils tickled with CO2 dew

And the lips gather the rim

and suction the brew over watering

tongue and the mouth rejoices anew.

And a hearty chuckle breaks through

As the mood rises oer the days strife!

I hope I know when enough is enough !

New Age

Pushed away at every turn
Why did I spend all that time
Trying to learn
Everything important in the world today
To then hear the man spurn me away?
I did my part
And grew up strong,
I won’t be told that
I am wrong.
I paid my dues and now the news
I hear falls hard on anxious ears.
I’m the one
Strong, bright and young
And all I need
Is only my due.
So why cant I have what I want?
Now, I mean.
All I did was all I was told,
“Work hard young man
This will all be yours,
One day.”
So now is my time
Is that so much to ask ?
Me and mine
Are the new generation.
The best you know,
They told us so.
I know.
Ive been told.
I am bold.
So why can’t I,
I mean…….now?

Graduation, Independence, Life

It does not change much from year to year, Does it ?

For Seth: Smiles,Fears,Love and Tears, They are all yours now.
Patience, Grandson ; )

Please,be Careful

Far below where the common-folks go
Are basements and caverns and holes
Barred and chained at the top
Meant to keep prying eyes out
For the safety
of the wives and children

But curiosity kills the cat
So crafty minds pick and pry
Try to loosen chains
and unlock locks
And attempt to peek
behind the walls
That forbid the seeing.

When the maelstrom rises
And dismay abounds
When the dust has settled
And order resounds
The clear eyed sleuth
Can then clearly tell
The abyss was secured
From below, from hell.

Aint that Special

I know that I am special because there are hundreds of thousands of stars in the skies and a few of them are mine. Now do not get me wrong I did not “make” them and hang them in their respective spaces and I certainly did not purchase them in either a big box store or on the ‘net. They simply appeared to me on deep dark nights when the emotions of life overcame me and I called out for someone to hear. They appeared in the evening as the sun settled down as if to look in on me before I drifted off into slumber. They announced themselves by finding cracks and shined their light around the curtains of my mind and brought with them a sense of warmth and concern and peace. I know that I am special because somewhere along the line, I was gifted the ability to see them and recognize them for what they were! Mine, especially mine. Heartfelt thanks for all my Stars.


I am finding that while I sometimes think that I have some insight into the human condition and how the passage of time and the circumstances of life affects people , and enjoy the process of putting these feelings into words; I am horrible at taking my own advice. I do not transition well . ( That IS a verb, isn’t it ? ) lol ; )

Start Over

Ahh, the stroke of the keypad feels rusty. The rhythym of the letters does not exist as a beat, a count, but rather as a rush and a rest, a starting and stopping.

My point of view has shifted so imperceptively but so very definitely, I suppose there should not be any wonder at the confusion that exists in my mind. I mean it IS still from behind the same eyes and from within the same mind I compose but with the emergence of a new facet built into wall of logic from whence the ideas flow it seems that the pull of the current steers the flow of the words onto and over the banks of the old stream of thought and begins cutting new channels that guide the impetus of expressed ideas and mores.

It really seems odd to me that the realization of what physical health means to the thinking being should change so much how that being expresses itself. Having come to that point I cannot deny what is so obviously true….I am not the same man I was two weeks ago. And that being said, even though my main thoughts and outlooks remain the same, enough variance exists that expressing those feelings is equal to revealing the thoughts of a comparative stranger.

When one declares from a platform familiar and steady the power of the words reflects the stability of the platform and when the platform exists in a state of flux the resolve of the words seems unsteady even to the hand that wields them.

Enough of self-revelation, for now it is enough to have restarted the engine and having goosed the throttle a little it is enough to have committed these few words to paper, it is enough to have acknowledged a new beginning.

Right ? Wrong ! Right?

In the process of maintaining a blog and in the reading of blogs maintained by others I get to express my  views, beliefs, dreams and nightmares ,  real or imagined, and experience the varied talents of many different artists who hail from countries around the world and who adhere to religious and ethnic beliefs foreign to me. I find this opportunity to be both enlightening and humbling. When an author chooses to imagine the boundaries of his particular society, then expand the parameters of his written work, I get to glimpse one of the individual minds that populate this “blogosphere.” At times I read composed thoughts that I recognize as “normal”, at other times I read stories that either pall my sensibilities or delight my senses with mental images wonderously and delightfully “abnormal”. I find the differences between the two generally to be based on the perception of reality and what “real” means to me. During the course of my reading I have realized that even the “facts”of living change depending on factors such as socio-economic background, religious-political affiliations, personal-familial ties and the importance each individual places upon the various aspects of his/her own life. Thus the “facts ” of even one, single, persons life are widely variable and when multiplied  several billion times , the ideas of “normal” and “factual” reveal themselves to be merely conceptual idioms of what I might believe to be “truth”. All of the preceding commentary leads me to certain conclusions and questions. The conclusions are mine and most likely subject to change so please allow me to address a question; a question I believe to have more relevance to the import of human coexistence than “facts” or “norms.” How do I determine the differences between “right” and “wrong” as pertains to the human race?

At this point in time I really wish for the existence of a formula, one that I could plug  “facts” and “norms” and “realities” into and , after completing a few predetermined actions, the “rights” would drop into a column on one side of the equation and “wrongs” would drop into a column on the other.[ I also wish that pigs could fly so that I might be entertained for as long as it took for me to get used to them, but I digress.] I think that the first step to be taken in determining “right” should be taken in the direction of, “what are the ramifications of a particular action in regard to the least common denominator.” Do the results of this action determine a positive impact to the majority of those affected? Are these results consistent over time ? How will the adaptation of this “right” affect the “norms” and “facts” of the greatest possible society?  Where have all these questions come from and how can I as an individual determine the proper answers for all of mankind ?

I seem to have suffered an epiphany. Suddenly I seem to realize that the entire output of a single mind does not carry much leverage in determining what would be the best course of action for the human race to take in determining such basic things as what is right for all, or what is wrong for all. It seems to me now that I must rely on the consciences’ of the masses to determine what is best for those within the norms of their various societies and situations.  I think that I should probably learn to take others opinions and thoughts of these serious matters with a grain of salt, and a sense of the variety that exists in this world! Maybe I could determine the best of and for folks by finding the common grounds that lay in their minds and falls into the space between what I consider to be right or wrong !                 Then again, maybe not.

The big P

Normally movie watching takes up a small portion of my time. Not that I cannot find pleasure indulging in anothers perspective of comedy, or reality, or drama, or really, any portion of lifes’ travels or goals. For instance I just viewed an offering dedicated to the prevalence of “good versus evil” and in my mind the outcome was righteous though a bit scary. The  premise of the movie did not worry me so much as the acknowledgement of how the authors of this screenplay forced my face into the reality of how powerful the media of the time is in using propaganda as a driving force to shape and control the way people see the world around them.

Too many as’es , I know, but while I dwell in my excitement and realization and understanding, the nuances of literary rule will be laid aside until I rid my mind of this thought; this thought that I would like to think everybody else has already thought .

Most of the worlds differences are propagated by misinformation , or information conveniently packaged and distributed by “the powers that be”. For this “understanding ” we are promised certain things , whether they be physical comforts , emotional comforts, spiritual comforts, or simply the comfort of not being plagued with the discomfort of not possessing any of these comforts.

Alrighty then, I have stated my revelation, and therefore sounded my eccentric horn. I have no answers that might help alleviate this dilemna, but I think I might know where a few brighter minds than mine can be found, who could aid us in finding a solution to this conundrum !

Feel free to comment , but please do not count overly much on me for solutions as I cannot decide even which side of the bed I should arise from tomorrow !