Going some way?

And so the grand tour begins. We have chosen a new ride for the next leg of our journey and just to make sure that all things are new we have chosen a brand new driver to guide our chariot through the hills and curves lying in the path of a new, unknown destination. A driver, untested, a vehicle unknown, and we did not even bother to ask if someone had a map. I hope our new leader knows how to drive a stick.


New Age

Pushed away at every turn
Why did I spend all that time
Trying to learn
Everything important in the world today
To then hear the man spurn me away?
I did my part
And grew up strong,
I won’t be told that
I am wrong.
I paid my dues and now the news
I hear falls hard on anxious ears.
I’m the one
Strong, bright and young
And all I need
Is only my due.
So why cant I have what I want?
Now, I mean.
All I did was all I was told,
“Work hard young man
This will all be yours,
One day.”
So now is my time
Is that so much to ask ?
Me and mine
Are the new generation.
The best you know,
They told us so.
I know.
Ive been told.
I am bold.
So why can’t I,
I mean…….now?

Graduation, Independence, Life

It does not change much from year to year, Does it ?

For Seth: Smiles,Fears,Love and Tears, They are all yours now.
Patience, Grandson ; )

Start Over

Ahh, the stroke of the keypad feels rusty. The rhythym of the letters does not exist as a beat, a count, but rather as a rush and a rest, a starting and stopping.

My point of view has shifted so imperceptively but so very definitely, I suppose there should not be any wonder at the confusion that exists in my mind. I mean it IS still from behind the same eyes and from within the same mind I compose but with the emergence of a new facet built into wall of logic from whence the ideas flow it seems that the pull of the current steers the flow of the words onto and over the banks of the old stream of thought and begins cutting new channels that guide the impetus of expressed ideas and mores.

It really seems odd to me that the realization of what physical health means to the thinking being should change so much how that being expresses itself. Having come to that point I cannot deny what is so obviously true….I am not the same man I was two weeks ago. And that being said, even though my main thoughts and outlooks remain the same, enough variance exists that expressing those feelings is equal to revealing the thoughts of a comparative stranger.

When one declares from a platform familiar and steady the power of the words reflects the stability of the platform and when the platform exists in a state of flux the resolve of the words seems unsteady even to the hand that wields them.

Enough of self-revelation, for now it is enough to have restarted the engine and having goosed the throttle a little it is enough to have committed these few words to paper, it is enough to have acknowledged a new beginning.

Non Plussed

The past six to eight weeks have found me dealing with a health issue , one that I cannot seem to get a step ahead of. Abdominal bloating and shortness of breath along with painfully swollen feet and calves has led to much blood work and a scheduled battery of tests to try to determine what and from where this malady is and occurs. Several common culprits have been ruled out and a few unlikely scenarios are being investigated. I write this, not to alarm anyone, but to try to clarify the importance inherent to a potentially life style changing ailment to myself as I have never endured any medical emergency much more serious than a pesky case of pneumonia and a minor TIA in my life. I suppose that I am trying to say that ” Even if my scribblings begin to quibble with various physical maladies and the treatments involved, rest assured that I remain nonplussed inasmuch as my views on life and soul remain essentially unchanged. Thank you all in advance for your future patience and understanding . ”   ; )

To L ? Or not to L !

This A-Z challenge has been fun,  for the most part. Approximately halfway through I am finding though that writing a piece of at least semi-serious ,relevant or, humorous material everyday can be an onerous task made worse by having to mold each thought around an alphabetic mold.  In short the “fun factor” is rapidly waning and if this short paragraph on “L” day that mentions the word LOVE, as in I used to LOVE to write, does not stir my inner flame to new heights, this shall be my final entry within the parameters of said challenge .  Thank you !

I wonder why, Again

In my mind this early morning lies a stubborn thought, a thought causing me to wonder. I wonder  how this collection of blogs; blogs written from across and around this planet, can effect a perspective, unlikely to be found in any lesson, from any university, from any specific peoples, from any particular system or sector of any society found on this earth, onto a receptive mind. I wonder why more folks do not take advantage of this grand opportunity to learn of life , love, hate and tolerance that is so readily and affordably available by merely taking the simple action required to open a search engine on a computer. Can it be that people mistrust their innate ability to sort through the many paradigms available and thusly discern the common thread of truth? Or is the pervasive view that ideas different from ones own are purposefully designed to lead one astray from learned ideals and are set in the concrete forms of convention merely as a form of propaganda ? Must the comforts of “knowing ”  include assurance that ones  way of life is the only true way? Is it that being comfortable in ones present condition relegates he or she into the maintenance of a defensive posture so that the norms of  their particular society remain unadulterated and therefore somehow purer than the lives of the multitudes who do not reside in the physical or ethereal neighborhoods in which these others choose to dwell ? Could there exist in humankind an inborn laziness , a blase attitude that eases the soul , that therefore imparts certain comforts to them during the passage of a “normal” day to day life? And if that scenario encourages such thoughts, how will the unreading portion of the population learn to adapt when changes do occur?


I am floating in water so calm the lack of current leaves me sitting still and drives me nowhere. Even treading to hold my head above results in almost nothing doing  and the settling leads to stagnation of the surroundings. A small move forward and a little move back leaves no mark to trace in this calmest of seas. No destination, no point to steer, indicates the laziness or fear of moving forward. Stagnation occurs when oxygen and life is not pumped into the environment, so if I do not dare do something, there will soon be none to welcome me ; all others will have passed. I gotta try to move before its too late, else living in the past will be my fate.