As if……

I have been silent online for awhile as I am experiencing many life altering changes all seemingly needing immediate answers. I have found time though to read the comments I received regarding the golf club thief and the “reckless ranger” who retrieved them.

Of course in retrospect the brandishing of a firearm was perhaps too extreme a method of recovery, but what if there had been no weapon involved. What if during the unarmed confrontation the person in possession of the merchandise had merely removed a club fron the bag and beaten the owner with it? What if the owner had merely contacted the law enforcement agency and waited to see (if?) one of their representatives could have retrieved the equipment for him. What if these (distinctly recognizable, and very personal) items never made it back to their rightful owner ? According to a few of my responders the answer would be ‘sie de la vie’, or a fool and his property are soon parted so long as no one gets hurt.  ( bleed)

Most responders cast dispersion upon the character in possession of stolen, personalized items that could not reasonably be thought of as “free” or “cheap because I just bought a truck load of them ” or ” they were a gift.” ( I remember when there were items listed in the “found” section of the “lost and found” ) Since I believe that most of my readers are among the most astute on the ‘net I am heartened.

I know that people in general are very proud of the possessions they have aquired, and I realize that for many, insurance will replace things that are lost , destroyed or stolen, but I personally cannot, off the cuff, find pity or trust in my heart for a thief.


Ours or Mine ?

I happened across a news article today that intrigues me. It seems that a legally armed man who, upon witnessing another man carrying a set of golf clubs and recognizing the clubs as a set stolen from him a few days earlier, displayed his weapon and forced the alleged perpetrator to the ground. ( The news article did not mention what action occurred after this event, but I assume the police were summoned. )

I have my own opinion as to whether or not the gentlman took the appropriate measures to retrieve his property but I am not writing this piece to discuss my views on gun control.

The things about this incident that fascinate me are the comments made by other readers. There were several thoughts expressed that indicated the authors disbelief that a man would react so vehemently over “just a set of golf clubs”.

Just a set of golf clubs. We do not know what this set of clubs meant to the original owner. We can express our opinion about whether or not they were retrived in a socially correct manner. The one thing that we do know is that these golf clubs belonged to the original owner and NOBODY else had ANY right to possess them.

One commenter even said that the original owner was a “fool” to leave his golfclubs anywhere that another person could pick them up because “thats what happens”. ( I have my own thoughts about that persons character and moral fibre. )

BTW: Does anyone have feelings of pity for the thief due to the embarrassment he must have experienced from this episode ?


When did this happen ?

I do not understand what it is like to be eighteen?

I do not understand what it is like to be , my age?

I do not remember what it was like to be a teen?

I do not remember what is like to have a wife and a child ?

I do not remember what it is like to have a child grow up and enter the world “at large” ?

I do not remember what it is like to help raise a grandchild and a son-in-law?

I do not remember that I am not supposed to have an opinion ?

I am not supposed to have an opinion about anything ?

I do not remember.


A state of mind cannot justify

It cannot quantify

A coherent point of view.

It could possibly simplify

An abhorrent event viewed on the fly

By the witness on the ground

Who viewed it with a personal eye

And saw some close who died.

So easy to tell some will say

So right they are to denounce

And I can see the wrongs

And I think I see the rights

But what I see most of all

Are the fights.

Over What ?

Really ?

Just a thought

Another New Year has dropped its weighty expectations on the world.

Expecting the population to come to grips with the pessimism  running rampant through the world, while it is magnified and distorted through the media , is a crime to the human race ! Most of us would not dream of hating and killing if there weren’t selfish forces striving to maintain control and sovereignty over the common folk, when the only obvious motive { to me } is the accumulation of power and money to have in pocket, and thus the backing to attain and maintain control over those who are meant to be free beings.

Sorry folks, I do not wish to seem bitter, I simply am at this moment. This to, shall pass !   Happy New Year !