The holidays

Something bothers me every Christmas. (first of all are short daylight hours and seemingly longer than the hours allow, darkness.) I digress. I just wonder why, that even though every major religious belief in the world promotes peace, every major religion promotes the insistence that every other person believe that the same ways taught in their particular situation and be propagated upon all the rest of the people in the world. I choose not to point a finger at any particular group, because every entity involved in our place in the universe(and particularly here on earth) is, or has been throughout history, involved in gross atrocities against fellow humans throughout history. I have no answers, but in my small way I would like to extend my hopes and wishes to all. Peace to all for at least one day.  williamleeone

This will probably piss somene off.

When I had my eyes tested for the first time that I remember, I had just turned eight years. The optometrist prescribed for me a pair of wonderful, at first, two lenses supported by a plastic frame named bifocals. These glasses made the classroom open up inasmuch as I could actually see the writing on the wall.IE chalkboard. Being named “four eyes” and “coke bottle” did not really bother me at the time, though I noticed with each passing year more and more of my classmates and especially their and my own younger siblings wore corrective lenses. Many years later, after a few biology classes and some solid learning of reproduction and DNA, I seem to see a very disturbing trend in various conditions many newborns and their parents must deal with on a daily basis. Downs syndrome, autism, slow mental development, diabetes, and yes, nearsightedness are quite common ailments, along with some ailments only recently being recognized as the science of DNA steamrolls through the medical annals. Along with this trend I notice, as my nieces and nephews have children, that many of these young ladies run a high risk of miscarriage. Todays’ medical science can, through recognition, prescribing antispasm type drugs and bedrest( for as much as four months) allow these births to culminate in the delivery of a child. Unfortunately, as cold as it may seem to some, miscarriage is usually  natures way of saying “Hey, this dna matchup is not good and should be stopped! Many of these children develop syndromes of one sort or another and naturally lose life, but many survive long enough to propagate and pass these defective  genes to yet another generation. Add in the many, many people who have children with no idea of “who be the Daddy”, with the possibility of familial offspring, and I cannot personally hold much hope for the propagation of our species, even if we do not exterminate ourselves by way of some idiotic “war of the idioms”  Loving life, and the exchange of ideas,  williamleeone

Can’t you see

I just read an article based on one persons thoughts concerning genetic “evolution of botanical life in the laboratory, versus vegetation that occurs in nature. IE “natural” corn versus “genetically modified corn”. I recall from my time as a young boy, introducing myself to the owner of the greenhouse behind my block.My intention to find a summertime job brought me more than a couple of bucks a week. It turned into an education I never would have volunteered for. I had no real interest in the growing of roses. Until now this German immigrant grower of roses had not crossed my my mind. But what I learned  from the gentleman  about cross-pollination; about grafting desirable limbs from a poorly growing plant to a trunk more suitable to the available environment intrigued me,so now I wonder,  Genetic engineering? Or Genetic engineering. Same process, less time. Whether good or harm comes of the practice only time will tell . All that I know is if what you eat nourishes you without killing you is probably ok………..See poisons………..PS If anyone can figure a way to feed the growing population without wreaking environmental havoc, please let me know.  Williamleeone

I do not know how

WE got together in our late teens, and life was so much fun. We’d seen some concerts and gotten high and you thought you had found the one. The rabbit died so I stood up to do the manly thing. And it was not a tough thing to do, with your youthful beauty and naivety, and we left that part of life behind and sealed it with a ring. I will not forget the proposal as long as I shall live. I said to you on that fateful day, “I am going for a ride through life and if you care to tag along I will make some room for you.” Thinking back to that time of life, my mind generates a smile. The baby didn’t come right away, so we lived and played, got to know ourselves,and we made the miracle mile. Our daughter came , she was just the knot we needed. It really was not so hard to make our life pleasant then, because even though strife would raise it’s loathsome head, we carried a common theme. Then our cherished child stepped out “on her own” with a questionable rascal that we did not know and dealt to us a serious blow, til upon the day she bore our grand son, the man stood up on his own and we thought we were one.Our life was simple and we had plenty of time. We stood right up and helped our family shine, but the travel down lifes road had stopped moving on and it seemed to me that though we had done well, with a beautiful family all set in place, but I felt that MY life was going to hell. I realize now that there had been no destination, and the trip down lifes road was my satisfaction,then knew that now was your time to rest,but I felt cheated some how,perhaps ’cause I’d tarried, but somehow for myself I must carry on, even if I must leave you behind. There is no blame I can place on you, there is no hate I feel for you. Your life seems to me so static. I have liked and loved you in my life dammit! Now I feel I Must leave the nest in which we were both blessed, and it burns my heart to hurt such a trusted companion  but your roots have spread both wide and deep,But I cannot sit still.         williamleeone

Old friends new friends

Old friends versus new friends represent feelings for me that become more difficult to untangle as my mortal time inevitably grows shorter.Life has been good to me as far as relationships with people go, but time shows the differences between folks as they make new choices, and face new challenges during the course of life. New friends present a fantastic opportunity to grow but is that because they have not had the chance to show some traits I might consider weakness of character? Or, in my case, they mine? Old friends have learned perceived weaknesses, and I theirs’ so the continuity of that relationship is bound by mutual understanding and the consideration of the term of said connection over time. Newer connections are bound more by what is happening now, and can be instantly shattered by the least provocation. Lots of fun in the short term, though age takes time, and relationships take time.Are people worth that time? Just wondering. Williamleeone

Random thoughts

Hello, I am williamleeone, also known as Bill. I had to accept the former because apparently another person is relegated “william lee”. Lucky bastard. These being my opening thoughts, let me introduce myself. Bill has always been drawn to people who can see, or need help seeing that “society” is not the culmination nor the verification of their life. I consider myself to be a chronic underachiever who manages to maintain a positive outlook on life. Indeed, I believe that there is no measuring stick to determine the quality of anyone. Fully aware that many who posses wealth and or power will disagree, my time on earth without much of either has convinced me of the worth of my existence. Therefore my philosophy needs input from folks, agreeable or not. Let us dip the stick of thought into the crankcase of the mind for a moment.(full or a quart low?) Given that this is the time of year known typically as “the holidays”, is there a mandate that says we cannot refer to these days as Christmas? In the U.S. it’s already cool to celebrate Cinco de mayo. If another ethnic or religious group celebrates the day, or week under another name it is allowed. Why can’t we? Bill