Old friends new friends

Old friends versus new friends represent feelings for me that become more difficult to untangle as my mortal time inevitably grows shorter.Life has been good to me as far as relationships with people go, but time shows the differences between folks as they make new choices, and face new challenges during the course of life. New friends present a fantastic opportunity to grow but is that because they have not had the chance to show some traits I might consider weakness of character? Or, in my case, they mine? Old friends have learned perceived weaknesses, and I theirs’ so the continuity of that relationship is bound by mutual understanding and the consideration of the term of said connection over time. Newer connections are bound more by what is happening now, and can be instantly shattered by the least provocation. Lots of fun in the short term, though age takes time, and relationships take time.Are people worth that time? Just wondering. Williamleeone


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