I do not know how

WE got together in our late teens, and life was so much fun. We’d seen some concerts and gotten high and you thought you had found the one. The rabbit died so I stood up to do the manly thing. And it was not a tough thing to do, with your youthful beauty and naivety, and we left that part of life behind and sealed it with a ring. I will not forget the proposal as long as I shall live. I said to you on that fateful day, “I am going for a ride through life and if you care to tag along I will make some room for you.” Thinking back to that time of life, my mind generates a smile. The baby didn’t come right away, so we lived and played, got to know ourselves,and we made the miracle mile. Our daughter came , she was just the knot we needed. It really was not so hard to make our life pleasant then, because even though strife would raise it’s loathsome head, we carried a common theme. Then our cherished child stepped out “on her own” with a questionable rascal that we did not know and dealt to us a serious blow, til upon the day she bore our grand son, the man stood up on his own and we thought we were one.Our life was simple and we had plenty of time. We stood right up and helped our family shine, but the travel down lifes road had stopped moving on and it seemed to me that though we had done well, with a beautiful family all set in place, but I felt that MY life was going to hell. I realize now that there had been no destination, and the trip down lifes road was my satisfaction,then knew that now was your time to rest,but I felt cheated some how,perhaps ’cause I’d tarried, but somehow for myself I must carry on, even if I must leave you behind. There is no blame I can place on you, there is no hate I feel for you. Your life seems to me so static. I have liked and loved you in my life dammit! Now I feel I Must leave the nest in which we were both blessed, and it burns my heart to hurt such a trusted companion  but your roots have spread both wide and deep,But I cannot sit still.         williamleeone

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