Random thoughts

Hello, I am williamleeone, also known as Bill. I had to accept the former because apparently another person is relegated “william lee”. Lucky bastard. These being my opening thoughts, let me introduce myself. Bill has always been drawn to people who can see, or need help seeing that “society” is not the culmination nor the verification of their life. I consider myself to be a chronic underachiever who manages to maintain a positive outlook on life. Indeed, I believe that there is no measuring stick to determine the quality of anyone. Fully aware that many who posses wealth and or power will disagree, my time on earth without much of either has convinced me of the worth of my existence. Therefore my philosophy needs input from folks, agreeable or not. Let us dip the stick of thought into the crankcase of the mind for a moment.(full or a quart low?) Given that this is the time of year known typically as “the holidays”, is there a mandate that says we cannot refer to these days as Christmas? In the U.S. it’s already cool to celebrate Cinco de mayo. If another ethnic or religious group celebrates the day, or week under another name it is allowed. Why can’t we? Bill


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