Can’t you see

I just read an article based on one persons thoughts concerning genetic “evolution of botanical life in the laboratory, versus vegetation that occurs in nature. IE “natural” corn versus “genetically modified corn”. I recall from my time as a young boy, introducing myself to the owner of the greenhouse behind my block.My intention to find a summertime job brought me more than a couple of bucks a week. It turned into an education I never would have volunteered for. I had no real interest in the growing of roses. Until now this German immigrant grower of roses had not crossed my my mind. But what I learned  from the gentleman  about cross-pollination; about grafting desirable limbs from a poorly growing plant to a trunk more suitable to the available environment intrigued me,so now I wonder,  Genetic engineering? Or Genetic engineering. Same process, less time. Whether good or harm comes of the practice only time will tell . All that I know is if what you eat nourishes you without killing you is probably ok………..See poisons………..PS If anyone can figure a way to feed the growing population without wreaking environmental havoc, please let me know.  Williamleeone

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