as the world turns

This past week I sent an E-mail to a new friend of mine, who, is not a new person. The professor answered briefly and abruptly; then reminded me that he was a “pencil to the paper” sort, and wished my future correspondence to behave as such. Since, I have regarded my letters to him to be exceptionally well done. No eraser marks of imperfection across my letters. There would be no words littering the margins, and especially no “circle arrows’ to indicate the reader should refer back to a previous sentence or paragraph. In my next communique I attempted to impress, using the blindingly beautiful cursive I had perfected in college, but upon conducting my spell check, parsing, and correct punctuation, the realization that I could not read my own handwriting brought me to a blinding stop.Realizing this situation would cause undue communication problems between my newest mentor and myself,I found it incumbent on myself to find some reasonable recourse.  My solution, after several seconds of thinking, simplified my problem dramatically. HI! I AM FINE. HOW ARE YOU? SINCERELY.   williamleeone