I found

After a tough beginning to a long winter day, I happened upon a smile. Not a huge wide grin, or rascous laugh, it was merely a simple, sincere smile. I think I found in in a convenience store while fetching my morning coffee.I liked it so much I took it with me, after leaving one of my own behind, of course mine was not quite so pretty. At my next stop I saw my chance and showed my newfound treasure to another seemingly disengaged soul who immediately took it from me and of course left me another. Another stop on my way home, a stop to pick up the mail, and I was confronted by not one person but two. I was really enjoying the last smile given, but graciously as I could I gave that one away and not wanting to be caught in the act of regifting, I screwed up my courage and invented another of mine on the spot. I beefed this one up with a glint in my eye and again received a better. The rest of my drive was quiet inside and out but I made it home that day with two treasures I had not begun with. Now I have no doubt in my mind that this thing I found is a treasure beyond compare. The more of them you give away, the more of them you can gather!


as the world turns

This past week I sent an E-mail to a new friend of mine, who, is not a new person. The professor answered briefly and abruptly; then reminded me that he was a “pencil to the paper” sort, and wished my future correspondence to behave as such. Since, I have regarded my letters to him to be exceptionally well done. No eraser marks of imperfection across my letters. There would be no words littering the margins, and especially no “circle arrows’ to indicate the reader should refer back to a previous sentence or paragraph. In my next communique I attempted to impress, using the blindingly beautiful cursive I had perfected in college, but upon conducting my spell check, parsing, and correct punctuation, the realization that I could not read my own handwriting brought me to a blinding stop.Realizing this situation would cause undue communication problems between my newest mentor and myself,I found it incumbent on myself to find some reasonable recourse.  My solution, after several seconds of thinking, simplified my problem dramatically. HI! I AM FINE. HOW ARE YOU? SINCERELY.   williamleeone

just a thought

Is it possible for a single soul to float alone in the cosmic stew, occasionally rubbing or touching on one plane or the other, another free spirit, the existence of one, is it possible to gain enough sustenance to take the chance of breaking the bonds of a long term “match” from where the friction of living is causing distress?

Why terror is tolerated, or why heroism is prosecuted

When the blinded by the religious “right” boarded the three civilian passenger jets and in the doing of the deed, killed thousands of people, For the first time in my life I was embarrassed to be an American. A few men with boxcutters and an attitude, managed to mount an attack on the US soil on a scale we have not seen since WW!!. Of the hundreds of passengers on board, only one of the hijacked carriers had a few men on board brave enough to resist the few bad apples ,and with the push of their determination saved a far worse horror from occurring on the ground. The two other planes, lacking folks of common sense, and perhaps feeling assured that  the government had a plan in place, chose to do nothing and so the loss of the twin towers and the thousands of innocent people just happened! Then again, on the other hand, common folks who stand up to the abuse of criminals who are far more experienced dealing with our legal system, can and do find the “protective system” fails to protect them and indeed rewards the greedy and or criminal elements of our society, Of course , up until now I have been referring to the USA, but the same thought carries throughout the world. We can see in the mideast the potential of a people, who with the proper training and support, can resist the few who seek to initiate an ideal thought to be fair only to them. I suppose that the entire world is infected with people who desire power, and attempt to achieve power through any means necessary  WAR, CROOKED ECONOMICS, GREED,FEAR, and IGNORANCE, seem to be, or the combination thereof, the root of our worlds dilemenas . Of one thing we can be assured,however, is that the  people who control the money and can maintain the happiest people will win over the negative powers that be, ,just as long as they remember that freedom aint free. Williamleeone  With the power of our lord and the sensibilities of our governments perhaps the Earth still stands a chance. In the meanwhile never neglect to nurture a positive connection with another soul, just in case I am wrong.