Another thought

Having a great work ethic means not having to show up at the children’s   school play!……………Having a domineering attitude means not having to put up with all the petty person’s problems!……………………. Looking down ones nose at the common folk gives one a crossed eyed view of the world!…………..Not helping a little old lady change her flat tire means that you may be one of the above!………………………With manners and respect anyone can be one of the above, and still achieve “success”

Nothin’ but whim!

Trivial occurrences happen through the day, they do not seem important until by the end of the tour, with a quick look back, suddenly the significance of the myriad happenings seem to gain an almost mystical quality. How was it that the clerk in the store remembered you just when you were remembering him from a far different place than where we were then. how does it happen when penning a friend , the thoughts you wanted to share were already shared? How does it happen when driving onehundredten that the officer stopping you was an old girlfriend, who recognized you immediately and offered a smile then thanked you for adding some excitement to her day. She sends you out along your way, with a hug and a phone number lest you cross this way again; and not believing what had just occurred, you realize that perhaps this may be your night to get away with anything you might imagine. So you head for the club across town, the one where the bouncer had always turned you away,and you walk right up with a swagger and say” Hey man, you best let me in, today is my day, and I will slip you a ten if you will look away for a minute, and he takes your cash, then with a smile on your face, you walk right on in and ready to party, and the entrance is grand, but somehow a bit daunting,when you realize you have bribed your way into a public restroom!

Could be nice, or BS! I just write this stuff!

I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony[If I actually knew how that is done] and buy someone a Pepsi[ I dislike Pepsi, but if everyone else drank it,there would be more Coke for me.] so that all the world could sing and shout, and dance around the square,[ That would be the center of a town] and do things they would normally  not dare! Like listen to the tunes of life, from the past and near the future[ which would be around now, being the present and instantly the past] so that we could have some fun and maybe nurture a new generation with forward thought and congenial attitude and enable our children to bring to life a brighter and more benign world where we could all enjoy our Coke, or Pepsi or whatever would be the thing of tomorrow in perfect harmony! What a gas![ hopefully that will be the past; or the future because biological function……….Have a nice future!

IE: Brotherhood of the World Award

I absolutely adore being nominated for any and every award, because[ in this intsance] Kritika has nominated me for an award  whos’ very name suggests a tie among we who blog! Unfortunately, one of my hangups is with arbitrary rules , so I shall do the best that I can. Thank you Star, for the nomination, and for being a friend to me……………………………………………………………………………The question of how global peace could come about is really easily answered. When people finally decide power and greed and avarice and money are not priorities any longer, peace will prevail!………………………………………Blogging has opened my sensibilities to the give and take of IDEAS with  well thinking people, and I love it!………………Three hours of absolute nothing but my thoughts, and a secretary to write them down as they occurred Would be awesome. Could be I would even remember some of them myself!………………………….Reading or writing? Hand in hand like two old friends!……………..A perfect life, I think is achievable ,rarely, when two like minded souls find the opportunity to link minds. Unfortunately, given the nature of the world, this situation is unlikely to occur, so don’t worry, be happy!…………………….Back in time. Not possible nor if it were, the dumbest thing anybody could strive for. History would cease to exist, and remember, if that one bird does not eat the butterfly, all of future from there on is changed…………………..Space, Solitude, Silence. Yes!…………………….Is there life elsewhere? I am assuming[dangerous I know] that lifeforms in other galaxies or elsewhere[space takes up a huge proportion of it, we know] I would have to think that other lifeforms have to be possible, even if some of them are our own!………………………..Surprise a best friend? I would not dream of it. Everyday is a potential surprise, so I would just love to share it!……………….If I were to meet an old dear friend and he, she or it, was cursing me, I would have to say that they did, indeed, know me!……..;) ………..nomination of the day: Dominic,  Abyssbrain, and Andhira   ………………You all get it now!

Open blog

For three days I have been tending my dock service and though the flood was not particularly bad. my boat motor broke and I am changing the motor out , as the lake is already beginning to fall. The n my truck just broke so now I am frantically trying to repair every thing! Such is life!  Barrira reminded me that I was supposed to repeat three quotes in three days, so since did not accomplish that , I shall try to remedy the situation now. From Jack London’s “Call of the Wild” , a book I read when I was six; “Dat Spike, he fight like ‘ell” Francois says, ” Dat buck, he fight like two ‘ells.”  And my third quote is my own, “If you like where you are at all in your life, you could not change anything in your past!”  Posting in a few days!

Having Paid The Debt

Recently I was introduced to a neighbors son, Who had been recently released from prison ,for , from what I was told , was a “victimless” crime. Now, I believe, since I have set the stage, I can offer the young man some useful advice. Sir, when you speak to me of the unavailability of work for the exconvict, Please refrain, when you try to explain why the manager at burgers are us, will not hire you to work in the public, Please do not use any word that begins with an F. That mother-ucker could not care less that I have paid my -ucking time to society! He -ucking belittled me and and asked if I could calm down. -uck that little mother -ucker! I was eating -ucking hamburgers before his -ucking father met his -ucking mother. Mother -ucker! Hey , man could you give me a -ucking ride, -ucking downtown tomorrow? I have another -ucking job interview.  Thanks , mother -ucker!

Milliethom E Challenge! Is a long sentence a paragraph?

Hello Milliethom!  I think that I will accept your challenge to write a paragraph containing no E’s , because I appreciate your following and, even though I have already done this, I like the pain! Thirty seconds from now.    [  What if a radical snail sailed through an unusual fjiord , and had to row to the sand , for  windy conditions would push his skiff into coral that could rip his boat apart! ]    Three minutes! Thank you for the challenge though I probably missed a few rules, but then again I have based a lifetime on that logic. No prison record, but perhaps that is because noone has caught me! I already told you that yours was the best I had read so far!  😉  Amendment , I HAVE BEEN CAUGHT WITH A “THE”    FAIL!    😉

Quote of the day!

Thanks to Barrira,who’s sensitivity and graciousness lights up my day, almost every day when she asks for something!;) The only quote I can think of right offhand would be” It is not for eating though, it’s only for looking through!” By the Native American actor who played to Clint Eastwoods character in the movie,The Outlaw Josey Wales”, in regard to a chunk of red hardrock candy that he carried in his pocket! If that is not a sufficient answer, here is one of my own: “The brightest star shines in the eye of one newly in love!”  I suppose that now I am supposed to stick,huh, ask three other suc…,huh poets with the same challenge! Prateek, Chris, and Aadarai, name those Quotes!


Listen to that guitar riff, hear the bass and drums keeping beat, our musicians flashing skills so awesome to the ears, we make them into heroes ,and some their own flesh will tear, to see that god of rock and roll, sweat and dance and after swear, “not another has there been, that could make me shiver in my skin!”Sadly for the instrument that rarely gets the credit from the man who just played it, Just gets stuffed in the case or hung on the wall,until the master feels a need for it. I am the instrument, and I am yours, Do not hang me on the wall, from where I may fall, play me often with the skill you posses, please do not just use me just to show off, even though I would much rather be abused and misused than to hang like a trophy on the wall, or an artifact on the floor. Just please do not forget me! Play me as you can, I may love you still, or give me to somebody else who will!