We did that?

So life takes a while to live. During that time we take and give, but do we realize we are making a mark on other folks lives? At times surprise over takes us all, so when some one that we never suspected at all; tells us of some event coarse or fair; the things that she remembered, how, when and where : and we know deep inside that we indeed had been there  and we are forced to take the time to think when/where, “Do I care ?,  and the automatic ” I am sorrys'” or “Thank yous'” are dispensed, we have to wonder if we made any sense. Perhaps we do not realize, how much we impact others folks lives.


When did this happen ?

I do not understand what it is like to be eighteen?

I do not understand what it is like to be , my age?

I do not remember what it was like to be a teen?

I do not remember what is like to have a wife and a child ?

I do not remember what it is like to have a child grow up and enter the world “at large” ?

I do not remember what it is like to help raise a grandchild and a son-in-law?

I do not remember that I am not supposed to have an opinion ?

I am not supposed to have an opinion about anything ?

I do not remember.

Break Time

I recently had some spare time to spend, so I cashed it in and read a fairly funny book , “Poet Robot”, written by a fairly funny EI Wong. In all fairness I must say that I wore a fairly wide smile while deciphering the fairly twisted humor that emanates from his fairly convoluted mind!

I do feel more clever and handsome than I did before I read this off the wall offering by an author who manages to render a somewhat skewed ( and scary! )  look at the greater passions of life.

Thank you very much for the enlightenment, Eric !


A state of mind cannot justify

It cannot quantify

A coherent point of view.

It could possibly simplify

An abhorrent event viewed on the fly

By the witness on the ground

Who viewed it with a personal eye

And saw some close who died.

So easy to tell some will say

So right they are to denounce

And I can see the wrongs

And I think I see the rights

But what I see most of all

Are the fights.

Over What ?

Really ?