Clearly !

It amazes me sometimes just how simply and directly a young mind works. I have memories of my self as a preschooler {No, I do not remember EXACTLY how old ! } busily filling the pages of a coloring book. I recall trying very hard to “stay in the lines” so that the pigments would not run together. I wanted to fill all the space on the page; I wanted to expose the air !. I recall ” wondering why ” the Crayola company did not include a clear crayon because after all, a white one wouldn’t do. [I know because I tried it ! ] Thinking back I wonder if the company did include one and I simply could not see it !


I have carried with me for the past few days a feeling that I was forgetting something.  I have been checking my pockets, Searching through my pickup, Looking in my drawers, [ My dresser drawers ! ], etc.  Today I realized that one year ago I dreamed up a name, filed a password and wrote my very first blog.

One year in the life of a man is a very short time so making a big deal of such a minor event seems to me a bit pretentious. So why is it that as I write these words, right now , my eyes well with tears and all the memories of the blogs, and the feedback and the sharing, overwhelm my senses ?

Could it be that the folks who have read me, communicated with me, disagreed with me and smiled with me are really REAL people ?

Thank you all from the depths of my very soul for inviting me and my ideas into your den. I refer to the blog as my den for here I am free to acknowledge my every whim, to vent my every frustration, to match hearts with some of the most giving REAL souls I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Fellow READERS, and I say this because anyone who writes must therefore read, Thank you all for sharing your feelings, thoughts , fears and celebrations with me ! I am a better person for having met you all .

BTW    I do not intend to go anywhere that I cannot climb into the ‘net, so You will all have to put up with me for the forseeable future. [or not] Damned philosophy!


Expain this !

September twenty seventh rolled in and immediately staked the claim

of the coolest day the year had seen , at least since the time I was a teen,

The sun arose, so glorious, then faded into clouds,

But midmorning came and turned the clouds around.

Our small family met in the city park for lunch and games

And conversation, and to get to know some new relations.

At home a pleasant day was had trimming the yard in the midst

of favorite football teams racking up some yards. [Americans!?]

Then in the evening after dinner, when the sun slipped down so helter skelter,

We grabbed lawn chairs and slipped to the back lawn, not needing any shelter.

The harvest moon arose and huge it seemed, cause the orbit was closer

Than its usually been. Then the neighbors came out of their houses to watch

The harvest moon at near equinox. The show started slowly so slowly it seemed,

But rapidly gained its momentum till adults and children quieted and gleaned

The essence of now was now indeed, and the sun and the moons alignment

seemed interrupted when the Earth slid between , and cast its great shadow

On the lunar landscape, and nearly put out the lights of the super moons show!

And slowly the umbra crept across the face, of the man in the moon,

Till it had made the case, that the moonglow was gone and the children raced

Indoors to bed, perhaps for school, but the red of the eclipse put them all off their pace,

And their minds would not know till all had talked face to face.

That natures call had brought them to a place where wonders abound

And that reality bore the proclivity to be round.

Cool, Huh !

First Crush

I remember when I first saw you there at the race

I remember thinking, “That woman should sit upon a star

With a frame around her face.

then it seemed I would see you everywhere!

At the market, downtown,or in your car

And I could not but wonder how I never noticed you before.

When finally. I got the nerve to say hello, your smile blew me away

But still, for some reason I cannot say

I never asked and I don’t know why!

Just a dumb male, I must have been

Maybe though this counts as a win.

Cause your perfection lit up my eyes

We never had reason to fuss or fight

So your face brings me a smile no matter where

I think back to when I admired you so

And never will I ever  know

What could have been and tantamount it is to sin

Only because I never asked back then!

Could be nice, or BS! I just write this stuff!

I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony[If I actually knew how that is done] and buy someone a Pepsi[ I dislike Pepsi, but if everyone else drank it,there would be more Coke for me.] so that all the world could sing and shout, and dance around the square,[ That would be the center of a town] and do things they would normally  not dare! Like listen to the tunes of life, from the past and near the future[ which would be around now, being the present and instantly the past] so that we could have some fun and maybe nurture a new generation with forward thought and congenial attitude and enable our children to bring to life a brighter and more benign world where we could all enjoy our Coke, or Pepsi or whatever would be the thing of tomorrow in perfect harmony! What a gas![ hopefully that will be the past; or the future because biological function……….Have a nice future!


Jones’in is what we used to call, bumming a smoke when be’in broke. “Hey man” you’d call after catching a friend lighting up at the mall,”I’m just on the way to get smokes” you might say”Can I bum one from You? A light too, yeah thanks, I walked out with the habit, not even with matches, thanks man I will catch up with you.” Jones’in when you’d stop at a party ’cause you thought you had seen a car, that belonged to someone like the friend of a friend; an excuse to get in the door. Just pop in and look around, grab a free beer and a smoke and then wander away while you could do it on your own. Jones’in when you know that you’re the third wheel, wander a bit say “hi” and stuff, then leave before anyone mentioned, ” seen Bill around?” “yeah I think he just left” “what was he doin’?'” just Jones’in”


Early on in the newborn spring, just after the final freeze, Wee flowers bloom on the tail of cold, just after the final freeze. Just how they came to be there now, nobody seems to know. But tis rumoured there was a lady once, who lived among the trees, that grew there on that meadow then ,so many years ago. A lady she was, and always twas said, a lady was all she would be. She had married a prince years past it was said , and the prince had gifted the trees. But war swept over the land, the prince was dead and the lady sad, and the trees were gone, that grew there then, so many years ago. The battle was over but the smoke hung thick, just like a poisonous stew. And the lady walked through, and as she wept and mourned, her tears would drop on the charred ground,and clean off the sooty black. And every where her tears did fall green leaves would sprout and suddenly a flower would appear! But the lady walked on and forever was gone so many years ago. Now early on in the newborn spring, just after the final freeze,Wee flowers bloom on the tail of cold just after the final freeze.

last thoughts on a late night

If the barb is in the q, and the meat is in the stew, what shall we have to eat tonight, the alphabet soup? my jeans are getting tighter our my stuff is getting larger. if body painting gets more popular the art will take away millions of jobs. cell phones are becoming a buffer to the burgeoning population on earth. editors are like sharks. they take what they like and the rest is changed. news is important if one keeps up with it. blues are important if one keeps up with them. truth with out tact can be cruel.tact and diplomacy without truth is politics. games without rules are anarchy, I know the chicken came before eggs, because the chickenhouse was empty before we added chickens,flat tires are a bitch, i love wet t-shirt contests,I join in whenever I can,my luck is so bad, i do not know i’been had. I just cannot trust an honest accountant. when the fire is put out what happens to the spectators? at one time I thought a had a really good grip on myself[for a little while] some people can not smile cause their brain cells are rooted to the anal sphincter, could you imagine dreaming with me? the noise would keep you up all night.

someday, you will understand

We all understand about generations, don’t we? I mean,like,my Mom and Dad seemed to know just what to do, as the years ran along and the family grew. We would all gather ’round the tv in the evening, and listen to Walter tell us the world was grieving,over the latest societal wrong, and how we on Earth surely could not last very long. And how were the children who knew nothing now, could survive twenty more years without” them” around to show them how.I used to laugh at the rustic old couple, who just did not “get it” in the “now new” generation. Now my folks were pretty smart, in their smarmy old way, and they lived alright till the end of their days. Now MY set of peers, who know most of all there is to know, are beginning to take their last blow. And my daughter seems to be acting like she knows better than me, and that was one thing I never raised her to be. She once seemed to think that my shit did not stink, until she gained her own knowledge and the smell of her ink. Okay I say to myself, a lot has gone on, and she is doing alright in a world in which I thought she would flounder, But the new things blinding my sight she saw as normal and thought I was in trouble. SENIORILITY, OLDTIMERS, and other odd things, SELECTIVE DEAFNESS , REPRESSED MEMORIES, and other young schtick, she would give and still does, but I can still smile,  while she is looking behind, while my wheel she grinds, my grandkids are creeping behind her!