Well Thats Good

I have not been as active on my blog as I have been in the past and I thought at first that I had become wondering-deficient. It was not until I stepped away from the great carnival that occurs in the U.S. every four years ( there is a lesser one every two years for those who suffer withdrawals ) that I realized my process of ” wondering why” had not disappeared it had merely been inundated with sloppy political brew. Upon that realization and having taken an “everyday life” shower to rid myself of the cloying scent of ” election projection” I experienced a sort of “wonderment revival”, and felt the need to speak out and be heard, to be laughed with and at, and to attempt clarification of the biological and literalogical? conundrum involving taste, smell, good and well. What the hell, here we go and lets all hope this turns out swell!

We all know that our overall sense of taste depends a great deal on our sense of smell, right? So that means that if we do not smell good then of course our food will not taste good. Or in other words if we do not taste good then we are not smelling well. If this happened to me, should I then go to my Dr. and ask her to taste me so as to determine if I was well enough to smell, or would that only indicate that smelling good was merely a precursor to tasting good or would I really be visiting the wrong office? Since tasting good is really not the puzzle I was hoping to solve; since eating was the thing I wanted involved, I think I’ll tackle (football season in America) the problem from another direction.

I wish to eat and I want to enjoy my dinner. I want my food to taste good. If that is to occur then I must smell well. Do I need to go back to the Dr. who can tell me if I smell well enough to taste good, or does she even care, just as long as I don’t smell so bad that she can stand to be close enough to tell if I indeed do smell well.[ BTW Can a Dr. tell if you are well by the way you smell? I only know one way to smell and that is through my nose and if that is not good enough to tell, oh well!]

Huh! So far I still have not eaten , I do not know if the food tastes, let alone smells, good , or well ; I don’t even know if I am well enough to tell, and if I were to tell the Dr. that she smells well, would she ever see me again ? Or would I have to wait until I tasted good enough to smell well then make another appointment or should I take  chance that I will taste well enough to smell my way to the restaurant and just make a reservation ?  If I made a reservation would anybody come?    If it smelled good maybe?……….. Should I ask the Dr. to marry me ?

Ours or Mine ?

I happened across a news article today that intrigues me. It seems that a legally armed man who, upon witnessing another man carrying a set of golf clubs and recognizing the clubs as a set stolen from him a few days earlier, displayed his weapon and forced the alleged perpetrator to the ground. ( The news article did not mention what action occurred after this event, but I assume the police were summoned. )

I have my own opinion as to whether or not the gentlman took the appropriate measures to retrieve his property but I am not writing this piece to discuss my views on gun control.

The things about this incident that fascinate me are the comments made by other readers. There were several thoughts expressed that indicated the authors disbelief that a man would react so vehemently over “just a set of golf clubs”.

Just a set of golf clubs. We do not know what this set of clubs meant to the original owner. We can express our opinion about whether or not they were retrived in a socially correct manner. The one thing that we do know is that these golf clubs belonged to the original owner and NOBODY else had ANY right to possess them.

One commenter even said that the original owner was a “fool” to leave his golfclubs anywhere that another person could pick them up because “thats what happens”. ( I have my own thoughts about that persons character and moral fibre. )

BTW: Does anyone have feelings of pity for the thief due to the embarrassment he must have experienced from this episode ?

Start Over

Ahh, the stroke of the keypad feels rusty. The rhythym of the letters does not exist as a beat, a count, but rather as a rush and a rest, a starting and stopping.

My point of view has shifted so imperceptively but so very definitely, I suppose there should not be any wonder at the confusion that exists in my mind. I mean it IS still from behind the same eyes and from within the same mind I compose but with the emergence of a new facet built into wall of logic from whence the ideas flow it seems that the pull of the current steers the flow of the words onto and over the banks of the old stream of thought and begins cutting new channels that guide the impetus of expressed ideas and mores.

It really seems odd to me that the realization of what physical health means to the thinking being should change so much how that being expresses itself. Having come to that point I cannot deny what is so obviously true….I am not the same man I was two weeks ago. And that being said, even though my main thoughts and outlooks remain the same, enough variance exists that expressing those feelings is equal to revealing the thoughts of a comparative stranger.

When one declares from a platform familiar and steady the power of the words reflects the stability of the platform and when the platform exists in a state of flux the resolve of the words seems unsteady even to the hand that wields them.

Enough of self-revelation, for now it is enough to have restarted the engine and having goosed the throttle a little it is enough to have committed these few words to paper, it is enough to have acknowledged a new beginning.

Right ? Wrong ! Right?

In the process of maintaining a blog and in the reading of blogs maintained by others I get to express my  views, beliefs, dreams and nightmares ,  real or imagined, and experience the varied talents of many different artists who hail from countries around the world and who adhere to religious and ethnic beliefs foreign to me. I find this opportunity to be both enlightening and humbling. When an author chooses to imagine the boundaries of his particular society, then expand the parameters of his written work, I get to glimpse one of the individual minds that populate this “blogosphere.” At times I read composed thoughts that I recognize as “normal”, at other times I read stories that either pall my sensibilities or delight my senses with mental images wonderously and delightfully “abnormal”. I find the differences between the two generally to be based on the perception of reality and what “real” means to me. During the course of my reading I have realized that even the “facts”of living change depending on factors such as socio-economic background, religious-political affiliations, personal-familial ties and the importance each individual places upon the various aspects of his/her own life. Thus the “facts ” of even one, single, persons life are widely variable and when multiplied  several billion times , the ideas of “normal” and “factual” reveal themselves to be merely conceptual idioms of what I might believe to be “truth”. All of the preceding commentary leads me to certain conclusions and questions. The conclusions are mine and most likely subject to change so please allow me to address a question; a question I believe to have more relevance to the import of human coexistence than “facts” or “norms.” How do I determine the differences between “right” and “wrong” as pertains to the human race?

At this point in time I really wish for the existence of a formula, one that I could plug  “facts” and “norms” and “realities” into and , after completing a few predetermined actions, the “rights” would drop into a column on one side of the equation and “wrongs” would drop into a column on the other.[ I also wish that pigs could fly so that I might be entertained for as long as it took for me to get used to them, but I digress.] I think that the first step to be taken in determining “right” should be taken in the direction of, “what are the ramifications of a particular action in regard to the least common denominator.” Do the results of this action determine a positive impact to the majority of those affected? Are these results consistent over time ? How will the adaptation of this “right” affect the “norms” and “facts” of the greatest possible society?  Where have all these questions come from and how can I as an individual determine the proper answers for all of mankind ?

I seem to have suffered an epiphany. Suddenly I seem to realize that the entire output of a single mind does not carry much leverage in determining what would be the best course of action for the human race to take in determining such basic things as what is right for all, or what is wrong for all. It seems to me now that I must rely on the consciences’ of the masses to determine what is best for those within the norms of their various societies and situations.  I think that I should probably learn to take others opinions and thoughts of these serious matters with a grain of salt, and a sense of the variety that exists in this world! Maybe I could determine the best of and for folks by finding the common grounds that lay in their minds and falls into the space between what I consider to be right or wrong !                 Then again, maybe not.

As Close as it Comes

Isn’t it enough that I let you see

Isn’t it enough that that I have let you see me bleed

As long as I allow you to share

Isn’t it enough for you to just care

I will not ask you to dwell inside my lifes shell

Nor ask you to share my personal hell

It is mine and mine alone

Perhaps the only thing I possess

The only thing that I own.

Isn’t it enough that I bare my soul

Isn’t it enough that you know I’m not whole

As long as I trust you enough to let you see me

Isn’t that enough for you to let me be me

I can not allow anyone else to live in my shell

Nor allow any to share my personal hell

It is mine and mine alone.

Perhaps its the only thing I possess

That No one  can lay a claim on

Isn’t it enough that I see your needs

Isn’t it enough that I see your deeds

Isn’t it enough to show you I care

Without crawling in and sharing your lair

One we are

One we will be

It is the only thing we own

Let it be enough that I allow you inside to see

How I decorate my own home

I wonder why, Again

In my mind this early morning lies a stubborn thought, a thought causing me to wonder. I wonder  how this collection of blogs; blogs written from across and around this planet, can effect a perspective, unlikely to be found in any lesson, from any university, from any specific peoples, from any particular system or sector of any society found on this earth, onto a receptive mind. I wonder why more folks do not take advantage of this grand opportunity to learn of life , love, hate and tolerance that is so readily and affordably available by merely taking the simple action required to open a search engine on a computer. Can it be that people mistrust their innate ability to sort through the many paradigms available and thusly discern the common thread of truth? Or is the pervasive view that ideas different from ones own are purposefully designed to lead one astray from learned ideals and are set in the concrete forms of convention merely as a form of propaganda ? Must the comforts of “knowing ”  include assurance that ones  way of life is the only true way? Is it that being comfortable in ones present condition relegates he or she into the maintenance of a defensive posture so that the norms of  their particular society remain unadulterated and therefore somehow purer than the lives of the multitudes who do not reside in the physical or ethereal neighborhoods in which these others choose to dwell ? Could there exist in humankind an inborn laziness , a blase attitude that eases the soul , that therefore imparts certain comforts to them during the passage of a “normal” day to day life? And if that scenario encourages such thoughts, how will the unreading portion of the population learn to adapt when changes do occur?