And NOW I have been told that I am an oxymoron. Is that possible?  I definitely am not sure the term relates to people, but after considerable consideration I am almost certain that the possibility exists in a place it does not! Hereafter let it be known that troubled, confident people, need not wonder how these obtuse ideas get scattered about in large piles, just waiting for a chance to overcome a drifting,sentient,stalwart of the community, because they just do! There is no need to gather wet dust while clouding the infitisimal mind with such harsh rhetoric, all in the name of unreal expectations of reality! Never again will I ever broach this subject  again and you cannot count on it, try as you might! I would like to thank this inscrutibile, lackluster friend for reminding me of this beautiful oxymoronic word just in time for me to do my laundry! I wash my hands of this perfect mess!

15 thoughts on “Really?

  1. Really laughing out loud.. 😀

    You find inspirations from silly comments? ? You are just awesome.. 🙂

    Glad you washed off your hands..

    By the way, people are oxymoron at times.. For they contradict themselves at times, to either escape what they don’t want or to fit in where they want to..

    But what I meant was, you are one who loves using oxymoron in your posts so effectively and beautifully.. So it was meant to be a compliment.. 😉

    Anyway I’m happy to have another post from you, whatever be the reason.. 🙂

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      1. I’ve no idea of your disorder.. But to me, every human, does some poor thinking at times and be a moron.. So I would rather blame it on being human (which is unchangeable) rather than your disorder.. 😉


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