Ours or Mine ?

I happened across a news article today that intrigues me. It seems that a legally armed man who, upon witnessing another man carrying a set of golf clubs and recognizing the clubs as a set stolen from him a few days earlier, displayed his weapon and forced the alleged perpetrator to the ground. ( The news article did not mention what action occurred after this event, but I assume the police were summoned. )

I have my own opinion as to whether or not the gentlman took the appropriate measures to retrieve his property but I am not writing this piece to discuss my views on gun control.

The things about this incident that fascinate me are the comments made by other readers. There were several thoughts expressed that indicated the authors disbelief that a man would react so vehemently over “just a set of golf clubs”.

Just a set of golf clubs. We do not know what this set of clubs meant to the original owner. We can express our opinion about whether or not they were retrived in a socially correct manner. The one thing that we do know is that these golf clubs belonged to the original owner and NOBODY else had ANY right to possess them.

One commenter even said that the original owner was a “fool” to leave his golfclubs anywhere that another person could pick them up because “thats what happens”. ( I have my own thoughts about that persons character and moral fibre. )

BTW: Does anyone have feelings of pity for the thief due to the embarrassment he must have experienced from this episode ?

Please,be Careful

Far below where the common-folks go
Are basements and caverns and holes
Barred and chained at the top
Meant to keep prying eyes out
For the safety
of the wives and children

But curiosity kills the cat
So crafty minds pick and pry
Try to loosen chains
and unlock locks
And attempt to peek
behind the walls
That forbid the seeing.

When the maelstrom rises
And dismay abounds
When the dust has settled
And order resounds
The clear eyed sleuth
Can then clearly tell
The abyss was secured
From below, from hell.

To L ? Or not to L !

This A-Z challenge has been fun,  for the most part. Approximately halfway through I am finding though that writing a piece of at least semi-serious ,relevant or, humorous material everyday can be an onerous task made worse by having to mold each thought around an alphabetic mold.  In short the “fun factor” is rapidly waning and if this short paragraph on “L” day that mentions the word LOVE, as in I used to LOVE to write, does not stir my inner flame to new heights, this shall be my final entry within the parameters of said challenge .  Thank you !


I have carried with me for the past few days a feeling that I was forgetting something.  I have been checking my pockets, Searching through my pickup, Looking in my drawers, [ My dresser drawers ! ], etc.  Today I realized that one year ago I dreamed up a name, filed a password and wrote my very first blog.

One year in the life of a man is a very short time so making a big deal of such a minor event seems to me a bit pretentious. So why is it that as I write these words, right now , my eyes well with tears and all the memories of the blogs, and the feedback and the sharing, overwhelm my senses ?

Could it be that the folks who have read me, communicated with me, disagreed with me and smiled with me are really REAL people ?

Thank you all from the depths of my very soul for inviting me and my ideas into your den. I refer to the blog as my den for here I am free to acknowledge my every whim, to vent my every frustration, to match hearts with some of the most giving REAL souls I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Fellow READERS, and I say this because anyone who writes must therefore read, Thank you all for sharing your feelings, thoughts , fears and celebrations with me ! I am a better person for having met you all .

BTW    I do not intend to go anywhere that I cannot climb into the ‘net, so You will all have to put up with me for the forseeable future. [or not] Damned philosophy!


Blind Luck

Love is blind, we know all too well, blind love can easily lead one to hell

On earth, for emotion so strong may blind even the most astute

Scholar of iridescent feelings, and cause the unravelling of controlled will.

Search carefully , certainly with eyes and mind both clear,

Be sure the reflection between two is a mirror,

Because uneven vision combines to create a potent state of peril!

Run not into love , blind as a bat.

Walk in and enjoy till eyes see the complete

Picture composed , when true hearts do meet.

Baaaaa !

Then past the drought of the past ten years, when all were tired and the tears of the hungry children were the only moisture on the dust, a sudden gust of wind from the south brought a taste of moisture, as if to tantalize ones imagination of distant memories of water from the skies. But the rain did begin to fall, just a little at first, then the skies filled with cumulus clouds and the lightning and thunder woke the earth all around! The beginning to the end of the drought had begun, though the relative spattering was not to be a cure. Unforetold , the rain continued to fill the streams and reservoirs and suddenly it seemed, that The once scarce commodity had turned into the bane of usual business, and the people began to complain of the   continual dampness and the flooding of the roads and the rapid rise in the numbers of critters, such as mosquitoes and flies and other bloodsuckers and all wildlife not used to abiding in water.But the rain kept falling and the water spread and the cows were stranded away from their sheds;many housekeepers  dreaded the mornings with the mud tracking across their living rooms, and the workers of the fields had nothing to do but polish their best shoes, in case a trip to town seemed emminent.[Small chance since the roads remained flooded] When finally the weathered faired, and the prognosticators of the weather scene tried to explain how a weather event of such magnitude could have crept past the radar of wisdom garnered, and the clergy warned of the wrath of God, The flood receded and the earth glowed green and life indeed was easy again, but superstition so deeply engraved, left many to fret and disbelieve that natures course is ever changing; refusal to enjoy natures bounty transformed the political leadership, when the electorate changed the face of government so as to be sure this tragic event could never occur again!

Another thought

Having a great work ethic means not having to show up at the children’s   school play!……………Having a domineering attitude means not having to put up with all the petty person’s problems!……………………. Looking down ones nose at the common folk gives one a crossed eyed view of the world!…………..Not helping a little old lady change her flat tire means that you may be one of the above!………………………With manners and respect anyone can be one of the above, and still achieve “success”

Swerve Warning

Moved to the precipictial edge the being within rose, to the height of monstrosity,and nearly flew from the ledge of repose. A silly thing, a simpletons verbal swing, nearly set off a disaster . But the strength of five men ,retained from within for just such an event, managed control ‘fore the beast could unleash the fury, normally reserved for those of the criminal swerve. So close it seemed that the creatures emergence and violent perseverance would make up the midday news, that chemical warfare was used, and calmed down the tyrant who lives deep inside us, and so the danger warning has expired. For now.