I Promise!

Promises drawn on a properly resourced account are very easy to keep, don’t you think? The base resource(savings) is flush, as is the secondary (checking and/or debit ) and primary ( cash on hand ) . Of course , the value of the promise ( the bill, or check < funny we have one of these on both sides of the ledger> ) must be taken into account at the time of the transaction. ie: “I  promise I will pick one of those up for you while I am at the store. ” can be be covered by the promiseee/hereafter referred to as p1/ with cash on hand// hereafter referred to as primary option// or a debit card ///hereafter referred to as, secondary option///.With more serious promises ie “I promise I will marry you!”the promiseor

////hereafter referred to as,p2////might want to check deeply into p1’s depth of promise credit in order to determine the ability of p1 to uphold his/ hers  end of said bargain! Therefore p1s base +secondary+primary ,score must contain sufficient resources to satisfy p2s anxiety over committing to such a serious proposal! This brings me///// hereafter referred to as”the mediator”/////to the end of this presentation. This is absolutely the simplest method to explain how we////// hereafter referred to as”the community”//////make and keep promises to and from ourselves!<see community>The mediator  promises this to the community!

11 thoughts on “I Promise!

      1. You are SO much brighter than that my friend. How are you feeling? I hope so much better.

        Just trying to decide if I want to keep blogging to be honest about it. Still not feeling completely happy with things even changing them – don’t know what’s missing but something is for sure.

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