Expain this !

September twenty seventh rolled in and immediately staked the claim

of the coolest day the year had seen , at least since the time I was a teen,

The sun arose, so glorious, then faded into clouds,

But midmorning came and turned the clouds around.

Our small family met in the city park for lunch and games

And conversation, and to get to know some new relations.

At home a pleasant day was had trimming the yard in the midst

of favorite football teams racking up some yards. [Americans!?]

Then in the evening after dinner, when the sun slipped down so helter skelter,

We grabbed lawn chairs and slipped to the back lawn, not needing any shelter.

The harvest moon arose and huge it seemed, cause the orbit was closer

Than its usually been. Then the neighbors came out of their houses to watch

The harvest moon at near equinox. The show started slowly so slowly it seemed,

But rapidly gained its momentum till adults and children quieted and gleaned

The essence of now was now indeed, and the sun and the moons alignment

seemed interrupted when the Earth slid between , and cast its great shadow

On the lunar landscape, and nearly put out the lights of the super moons show!

And slowly the umbra crept across the face, of the man in the moon,

Till it had made the case, that the moonglow was gone and the children raced

Indoors to bed, perhaps for school, but the red of the eclipse put them all off their pace,

And their minds would not know till all had talked face to face.

That natures call had brought them to a place where wonders abound

And that reality bore the proclivity to be round.

Cool, Huh !

If Yer Lucky!

Searching fer gold really aint all that easy, I done it afore I got the proper devices.

Ya gotta look and pry in all the proper crevices,

And all ya see aint really gold, they got a name for it and its called fools!

With that real gold yeh gotta speculate and dig out there where nobody else aint.

And ya gotta have a lot of special tools, like hammers and picks and dynomite, hoohee!

Now yuh can find some gold if yuh look real sharp, in the city on the corner

or in walmart. If gold there aint your type I reckon, yuh could find a woman goin your direction.

Found me a goodin’ once upon a time and I thought that I’d lost her

on the night before. Then I ‘membered that she’d passed clean out on the bar room floor.

So i hadn’t fergot, Ah jus’ didnt ‘member and she’s plumb tickled to get a ride home anyways!

Now all this tomfool talk ya think has got me away from lookin’ fer gold but yer wrong I say.

When I took ‘er home to her momma and poppa, she gifted me a three ounce golden chain !

I sold it at the pawn shop for a hunerd fifty dolla!

Baaaaa !

Then past the drought of the past ten years, when all were tired and the tears of the hungry children were the only moisture on the dust, a sudden gust of wind from the south brought a taste of moisture, as if to tantalize ones imagination of distant memories of water from the skies. But the rain did begin to fall, just a little at first, then the skies filled with cumulus clouds and the lightning and thunder woke the earth all around! The beginning to the end of the drought had begun, though the relative spattering was not to be a cure. Unforetold , the rain continued to fill the streams and reservoirs and suddenly it seemed, that The once scarce commodity had turned into the bane of usual business, and the people began to complain of the   continual dampness and the flooding of the roads and the rapid rise in the numbers of critters, such as mosquitoes and flies and other bloodsuckers and all wildlife not used to abiding in water.But the rain kept falling and the water spread and the cows were stranded away from their sheds;many housekeepers  dreaded the mornings with the mud tracking across their living rooms, and the workers of the fields had nothing to do but polish their best shoes, in case a trip to town seemed emminent.[Small chance since the roads remained flooded] When finally the weathered faired, and the prognosticators of the weather scene tried to explain how a weather event of such magnitude could have crept past the radar of wisdom garnered, and the clergy warned of the wrath of God, The flood receded and the earth glowed green and life indeed was easy again, but superstition so deeply engraved, left many to fret and disbelieve that natures course is ever changing; refusal to enjoy natures bounty transformed the political leadership, when the electorate changed the face of government so as to be sure this tragic event could never occur again!