As if……

I have been silent online for awhile as I am experiencing many life altering changes all seemingly needing immediate answers. I have found time though to read the comments I received regarding the golf club thief and the “reckless ranger” who retrieved them.

Of course in retrospect the brandishing of a firearm was perhaps too extreme a method of recovery, but what if there had been no weapon involved. What if during the unarmed confrontation the person in possession of the merchandise had merely removed a club fron the bag and beaten the owner with it? What if the owner had merely contacted the law enforcement agency and waited to see (if?) one of their representatives could have retrieved the equipment for him. What if these (distinctly recognizable, and very personal) items never made it back to their rightful owner ? According to a few of my responders the answer would be ‘sie de la vie’, or a fool and his property are soon parted so long as no one gets hurt.  ( bleed)

Most responders cast dispersion upon the character in possession of stolen, personalized items that could not reasonably be thought of as “free” or “cheap because I just bought a truck load of them ” or ” they were a gift.” ( I remember when there were items listed in the “found” section of the “lost and found” ) Since I believe that most of my readers are among the most astute on the ‘net I am heartened.

I know that people in general are very proud of the possessions they have aquired, and I realize that for many, insurance will replace things that are lost , destroyed or stolen, but I personally cannot, off the cuff, find pity or trust in my heart for a thief.


Please,be Careful

Far below where the common-folks go
Are basements and caverns and holes
Barred and chained at the top
Meant to keep prying eyes out
For the safety
of the wives and children

But curiosity kills the cat
So crafty minds pick and pry
Try to loosen chains
and unlock locks
And attempt to peek
behind the walls
That forbid the seeing.

When the maelstrom rises
And dismay abounds
When the dust has settled
And order resounds
The clear eyed sleuth
Can then clearly tell
The abyss was secured
From below, from hell.

As Close as it Comes

Isn’t it enough that I let you see

Isn’t it enough that that I have let you see me bleed

As long as I allow you to share

Isn’t it enough for you to just care

I will not ask you to dwell inside my lifes shell

Nor ask you to share my personal hell

It is mine and mine alone

Perhaps the only thing I possess

The only thing that I own.

Isn’t it enough that I bare my soul

Isn’t it enough that you know I’m not whole

As long as I trust you enough to let you see me

Isn’t that enough for you to let me be me

I can not allow anyone else to live in my shell

Nor allow any to share my personal hell

It is mine and mine alone.

Perhaps its the only thing I possess

That No one  can lay a claim on

Isn’t it enough that I see your needs

Isn’t it enough that I see your deeds

Isn’t it enough to show you I care

Without crawling in and sharing your lair

One we are

One we will be

It is the only thing we own

Let it be enough that I allow you inside to see

How I decorate my own home


A state of mind cannot justify

It cannot quantify

A coherent point of view.

It could possibly simplify

An abhorrent event viewed on the fly

By the witness on the ground

Who viewed it with a personal eye

And saw some close who died.

So easy to tell some will say

So right they are to denounce

And I can see the wrongs

And I think I see the rights

But what I see most of all

Are the fights.

Over What ?

Really ?

The big P

Normally movie watching takes up a small portion of my time. Not that I cannot find pleasure indulging in anothers perspective of comedy, or reality, or drama, or really, any portion of lifes’ travels or goals. For instance I just viewed an offering dedicated to the prevalence of “good versus evil” and in my mind the outcome was righteous though a bit scary. The  premise of the movie did not worry me so much as the acknowledgement of how the authors of this screenplay forced my face into the reality of how powerful the media of the time is in using propaganda as a driving force to shape and control the way people see the world around them.

Too many as’es , I know, but while I dwell in my excitement and realization and understanding, the nuances of literary rule will be laid aside until I rid my mind of this thought; this thought that I would like to think everybody else has already thought .

Most of the worlds differences are propagated by misinformation , or information conveniently packaged and distributed by “the powers that be”. For this “understanding ” we are promised certain things , whether they be physical comforts , emotional comforts, spiritual comforts, or simply the comfort of not being plagued with the discomfort of not possessing any of these comforts.

Alrighty then, I have stated my revelation, and therefore sounded my eccentric horn. I have no answers that might help alleviate this dilemna, but I think I might know where a few brighter minds than mine can be found, who could aid us in finding a solution to this conundrum !

Feel free to comment , but please do not count overly much on me for solutions as I cannot decide even which side of the bed I should arise from tomorrow !

Just a thought

Another New Year has dropped its weighty expectations on the world.

Expecting the population to come to grips with the pessimism  running rampant through the world, while it is magnified and distorted through the media , is a crime to the human race ! Most of us would not dream of hating and killing if there weren’t selfish forces striving to maintain control and sovereignty over the common folk, when the only obvious motive { to me } is the accumulation of power and money to have in pocket, and thus the backing to attain and maintain control over those who are meant to be free beings.

Sorry folks, I do not wish to seem bitter, I simply am at this moment. This to, shall pass !   Happy New Year !