Estrangement beaten!

Trapped between the foundation of the house of estrange and the stone that consists of the base of mother earth, the root of love may linger on past the time of the elder ones. The energy to feed the sucker needs come from above the soil, yet little trunk nor leaf need be seen, when the existence is not foreseen.Such roots need very little feed to exude the incredible force needed to break so slowly the bond twixt earth and man.The balance shifts when intended hearts bond, and begin to feed the thief that awakes and flexes the awesome strength,to crack the stone and lift the base of the house of estrange, merely the start of the beginning of a new home yet to come. Now the rain and sun of new love begun inadvertently at birth, soaks the roots and strengthens the stem and the leaves but noone yet perceives the growing power that love possesses ,and the smugness of the house sleeps in the deeping bliss of ignorance,And even in the quaking and shaking twixt the world and structures above the root retains the stolid feeling from the healthiness of the love that grows above it. Push may come to shove as they say, but far sooner it twould have had to come, to break the bonds of the house and the land when finally the powers sought to fight and shake loose the chain that sought to bind them ,and so it came to pass and in time build another solidarity and again it seemed the house was one with the earth,but the wise advise the house living there now,” power to survive comes from many directions,do not forget the might that can creep from below.” and. “may it be long ‘fore this house see the unrest, that destroyed the one before it!”

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