Well meaning smiles!

Smiles today seem sometimes to be far and few away, but the truth really lies when people forget manners  taught, such as thank you ma’am and excuse me sir and were among the most commonly heard words, along with Hello, and how do you do. Now folks forget the power, that lies innately within them; to meet their neighbor with gestures that require so little time, so a fondness can grow between them, Some choose a noxious selfish way, to attain what is thought deserved, and nothing is given.Would things not be better to earn with a bit of concern a direction that can be enjoyed? Say a  lady drops her bag and another quickly picks it up, then returned the mistrewn items back, before the crowd can trample all that is fallen, and smiles and waves, goes on his usual way not pretending to set an example? A smile is born even though there is no hero, where have we lost our way!? A man in a suit and tie is stranded by the road, a flat tire presents the obstacle; everyone else continues down the way the problem is not their own, but one man stops andvtakes a few moments of time to aid him on his way, then perhaps a kind, warm feeling, projects, but the hero is now long gone.Perhaps it occurs and it may be that the ex-stranded business man will think twice before he strays, when another soul with problems of her own, he  stops and offer some help as he can and feels the goodwill projected forth as he afterward continues along his way. What is a bit of time for us?, who have many minutes to spend, that we cannot choose to blow away a few bits of time now and then, and give what aid we may, just for the privilege to state, Sorry I am a bit late, but I felt the need to assist a person in dismay, Forgive me as I smile!


13 thoughts on “Well meaning smiles!

  1. You sure do save your best for the last line… The line that lingers even after the words are read.. The line that makes us feel bad for it’s over.. The line which makes us re-read the whole again, so we could cherish its beauty little longer..

    And here is a smile for you, simply because you have made me smile today, with this post on the beauty of a simple smile.. 😃

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  2. Nice sentiments and great poem. If only we realized that one small favor we can do for others can start a chain reaction of good deeds. Sometimes it only takes one brave person to get it started.

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