Listen to that guitar riff, hear the bass and drums keeping beat, our musicians flashing skills so awesome to the ears, we make them into heroes ,and some their own flesh will tear, to see that god of rock and roll, sweat and dance and after swear, “not another has there been, that could make me shiver in my skin!”Sadly for the instrument that rarely gets the credit from the man who just played it, Just gets stuffed in the case or hung on the wall,until the master feels a need for it. I am the instrument, and I am yours, Do not hang me on the wall, from where I may fall, play me often with the skill you posses, please do not just use me just to show off, even though I would much rather be abused and misused than to hang like a trophy on the wall, or an artifact on the floor. Just please do not forget me! Play me as you can, I may love you still, or give me to somebody else who will!


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