What is happening?

Pain in the neck is robbing my sleep.

Go to a doctor, let him have a peek.

Find the pain source, knock it out with a shot.

Warmth on the neck, an oncoming wreck!’

Fear, confusion,  struggle, illusion.

Breathing gets tough,moving is rough.

Dual worlds, gravity pulls, desperate hand holds, words not understood.

Legs pushing up, arms grasping the bunk, a flop on the mattress,eyes looking up.

Hand reaching out doubtfully trying to help with no understanding.

Twins become one and breathing is labored.

Voice finally heard communication struggles.

Control eases in, questions are pondered.

A day disappears while others peek, pry and question.

Home again, no questions answered, heart is okay, no pain in the neck.

Coming soon , more interviews!

6 thoughts on “What is happening?

    1. Thank you Rita. I am okay but That episode was as close a brush with death that I have ever experienced, and I do not yet have any clear cut answers as to why. It seems now to have been a vicious fight which I barely won and I remain tired now after forty eight hours! Again, thank you for your concern. BTW. Could I ask a favor from you? Could you post this message on your blog? I am going to rest now. 😀

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