First Crush

I remember when I first saw you there at the race

I remember thinking, “That woman should sit upon a star

With a frame around her face.

then it seemed I would see you everywhere!

At the market, downtown,or in your car

And I could not but wonder how I never noticed you before.

When finally. I got the nerve to say hello, your smile blew me away

But still, for some reason I cannot say

I never asked and I don’t know why!

Just a dumb male, I must have been

Maybe though this counts as a win.

Cause your perfection lit up my eyes

We never had reason to fuss or fight

So your face brings me a smile no matter where

I think back to when I admired you so

And never will I ever ย know

What could have been and tantamount it is to sin

Only because I never asked back then!

19 thoughts on “First Crush

  1. Most of us can probably relate to “that face on the bus” or “the smile across the crowded room” (that was not meant for you), that angel with her man (what does she see in him?), or (in my case) that celebrity that I would never meet, and who kept very questionable company! If only she had known that I existed ………….. sigh!

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