I think that I will skip through life,

just step over the holes on to level ground

No pain, no chain, cut through the strife

listen now to my heart pound

As though a hammer mill was thinning my soul

Blow after blow, condensing my being into concentrate,

Just add water and do not be late, do not hate

That I can skip the lessons and not berate

The toiling folk who struggle

Through the steamy concrete jungle.

Around the interlude whence the music flows,

With the attitude of a flourishing rose,

So pretty to see , so painful to hold,

It is all about skipping and being bold.

God looks after fools you see,

And no greater exists than little old me!

What a Bitch

I had just lay down in my bed to rest, And in the twilight between wakefulness and sleep,I found myself on a beautiful beach. Huge waves with curling tops pounding themselves on the sand,pulled my attention out past the raging surf where I spied the outline of a man. He waited for the tallest wave, and paddling with his hands, he stood upon his blue surfboard and headed for the land,Remarkable it was to see the ride beneath the curl. Magnificent it was to see the wild ride, he rode the beast toward the shore. But so much water the mammoth wave sucked from the bottom of the sea. He hit the coral, tore himself to shreds and the morays and sharks soon ate him!