Could it be Possible ?

And now the rhetoric , reignited , Raises the foul voice of self righteousness

Attempting explanations , creating divisions, and drawing

Ill advised conclusions,

If I have any understanding of this ‘wisdom’

I am lead to believe.

Feeble minds have decided without querying us

[people ] These things that have come to pass, are passing because

They have been ordained to pass.

Would the horrors and brutality and blood shed

Have ‘come to pass’

If the ‘wise’ had not convinced a following

Would the ‘professionals ‘ have become involved

If profit was removed from this equation ?

Would the half-truths, the half doctrine, the half assed

Motivated men in an alien , to them, land

Commit atrocities.

In the name of a God

who , I might think, is far too busy

To dictate the course of the people

He created

with free will

And strength

And compassion.

I suppose the bottom line

would dictate

loss of power

loss of money

For the ‘privileged few’

And common folk, are expected

To Pay the Price!

My heart glows with anger

And hope.

That the ‘Infidels of all religious sects’ , and political ‘parties’

Get swept away in a ground swell

When all the PEOPLE find their tongues and teeth

And expose the bullying charlatans

For what they are, and embarrass that class

Out of existence !

May the meek find their strength

And inherit the Earth !


Written thoughts on soundless pages

Words uttered by countless mages

Ideas conferred during thoughtless rages

Emotions rent from quiet sages

Would it be possible to delineate ones givings into a truly decipherable whole?  Can the thing be done so that every

word written could be understood exactly as the author intended?

If it was possible for dreams to be told so that every one could get it,  would I do it ?

Were I enabled to adjust the text individually for every reader , I might try it.

Which language posses’ the vocabulary for precisely worded feelings ?

Though so many seem to like and agree, why do others find fault ?