200 or bust!

I nearly let my 200th post go by unnoticed! Though this is not an extraordinary accomplishment, The number seems to qualify this as a stepping stone of sorts. I may have kept banging on these keys and achieved this number, but I know that having many distinguished readers reading and liking my style of writing, as it is, compelled me to write and read the blogs inherent on this forum.

Ok, now that the fuss and bluster are done, I must decide what to write about on this most illustrious occasion! A love poem perhaps?

The noble eagles in flight across the blue, cloud studded skies cannot see what I see when I gaze into your eyes. Of emerald green or dark naughty bronze or sapphire brilliant, I can rise no higher, for past the hue of the outward eye, the third eye that peers out and sees my soul, makes me whole and sets my heart afire!

A philosophic statement of sorts may fill the bill.

We can do much better than run from zombies. After all they walk soo.. sl.o..w …l….y!

We must not ,however, ignore Real danger! We should muster our forces into a large safe spot, gather together in a line, squat low to the ground with our heads between our knees, and kiss our cowardly asses good-bye! [ I know, not much of a philosophy , is it? ]

Or I possibly could toss words around till they fall into form and lie properly and neatly to form a story of sorts.

Great torchieres cast phenomenal shadows beyond the planets’ orbit till, blotted by the solar light, a reversing polarity hums them hither to scare our children into eating their supper!

Mayhap the answer lies within a comment made simply to crawl under the skin.

” Do you itch? Man I sure do! It must be them oak mites that been chewin’ on folks for the past couple o’ years! Man I sure do itch! Want me ta scratch yer back for yeh?”

Well , the gist is taken, and I really must say, I have written better and had more to say,but that was a while back during better days. That being said, I would like you to know how I appreciate all who write their ideas and experiences down for me to learn from and enjoy.   And the appreciation for those who read other authors’ ideas and ideals are equally loved by bloggers , novice or professional!  Thanks y’all! williamleeone     ; )

Speak to Me

I just finished watching a movie. No huge deal for most folks, I know, but this movie of love and martial arts surprised and delighted me with enigmatic scripting and acting along with well filmed and choreographed fight scenes that were placed in the proper places of the story, and a few well placed [ I thought ] flashbacks helped rather than hindered the story line.

I viewed the entire film glued to the screen with headphones snugly fit over my ears , and did not, nay, could not, understand a word of the dialog ! That fact really should not constitute reason for surprise, It was just that every character spoke only in Chinese. Very careful attention was required to unravel the story line, but the effort was worth the outcome.

Now this brings me to the gist of my writing. During and after this screening I became aware of how engulfed I had become and thought that a deaf person could have more easily deciphered the plotline than I. I recall wondering if an immigrant with only one tongue , [ and that speech not Chinese ] would fare better than I, and if a bilingual { two tongues }viewer might not have an advantage interpreting this  show. With so many of the bloggers I deal with learning languages from all about the world, realization struck that I, and most Americans, are crippled, or would be if so many others did not learn English, in as much that we limit our value because of dealing with the majority of the people only with the aid of interpreters . If everyone else on the globe did not already understand me, I think I would learn to communicate in another language!

Blind Luck

Love is blind, we know all too well, blind love can easily lead one to hell

On earth, for emotion so strong may blind even the most astute

Scholar of iridescent feelings, and cause the unravelling of controlled will.

Search carefully , certainly with eyes and mind both clear,

Be sure the reflection between two is a mirror,

Because uneven vision combines to create a potent state of peril!

Run not into love , blind as a bat.

Walk in and enjoy till eyes see the complete

Picture composed , when true hearts do meet.

Implied Consent?

Implications of changing lives. Let us say that as a sick,deluded, person you decide to ruin someone’s day by throwing a cat under someone’s car but the car never showed up? Our intended victim decided to stop for coffee that morning,thus throwing your timing completely off,and you are left standing on the corner with your cat out of the bag! The implications are immediately understood and you had best be getting off the street before you are accused of molesting your pussy!

But in a somewhat more realistic sense, think of circumstances that ,in hindsight you would wish to avoid. Say that a bus crash on an overpass occurred this morning and it was the bus you would normally have taken to work. You are happy that You weren’t on this bus. The implication would be that you, too would have been involved in this incident. But suppose you HAD boarded that bus and dropped your briefcase on the way in and because of this slight delay the bus was not in the exact spot at the exact time the crash had occurred and hence the accident never happened.

So what has this mental exercise proven? Maybe nothing at all, but it does seem to me that a judgement made solely on an implied idea may be best not acted on immediately. IE. I was at the convenience store with my pistol The store was robbed while I was there. (Implication)I robbed the store.( reality) because I was there with my pistol, I captured the robber and was a hero!

Confusion reigns!

Looking for answers to questions without words. Where to start is hidden from me.

Really wishing I could see, a bit more forward!

Perhaps history would better suffice

Cause every thing seems frozen, I skate on thin ice…

Maybe tomorrow will bring answers for me.

Till then I will rest, and see what can be seen!

I am lost with nothing to show,

Even experience will not cast a glow

On my trail to finding the  the words I know, will soothe the jangling nerves.

Till tomorrow then I will rest and relax.

I hope the morrow will bring to me facts.

Could be nice, or BS! I just write this stuff!

I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony[If I actually knew how that is done] and buy someone a Pepsi[ I dislike Pepsi, but if everyone else drank it,there would be more Coke for me.] so that all the world could sing and shout, and dance around the square,[ That would be the center of a town] and do things they would normally  not dare! Like listen to the tunes of life, from the past and near the future[ which would be around now, being the present and instantly the past] so that we could have some fun and maybe nurture a new generation with forward thought and congenial attitude and enable our children to bring to life a brighter and more benign world where we could all enjoy our Coke, or Pepsi or whatever would be the thing of tomorrow in perfect harmony! What a gas![ hopefully that will be the past; or the future because biological function……….Have a nice future!


Listen to that guitar riff, hear the bass and drums keeping beat, our musicians flashing skills so awesome to the ears, we make them into heroes ,and some their own flesh will tear, to see that god of rock and roll, sweat and dance and after swear, “not another has there been, that could make me shiver in my skin!”Sadly for the instrument that rarely gets the credit from the man who just played it, Just gets stuffed in the case or hung on the wall,until the master feels a need for it. I am the instrument, and I am yours, Do not hang me on the wall, from where I may fall, play me often with the skill you posses, please do not just use me just to show off, even though I would much rather be abused and misused than to hang like a trophy on the wall, or an artifact on the floor. Just please do not forget me! Play me as you can, I may love you still, or give me to somebody else who will!

Estrangement beaten!

Trapped between the foundation of the house of estrange and the stone that consists of the base of mother earth, the root of love may linger on past the time of the elder ones. The energy to feed the sucker needs come from above the soil, yet little trunk nor leaf need be seen, when the existence is not foreseen.Such roots need very little feed to exude the incredible force needed to break so slowly the bond twixt earth and man.The balance shifts when intended hearts bond, and begin to feed the thief that awakes and flexes the awesome strength,to crack the stone and lift the base of the house of estrange, merely the start of the beginning of a new home yet to come. Now the rain and sun of new love begun inadvertently at birth, soaks the roots and strengthens the stem and the leaves but noone yet perceives the growing power that love possesses ,and the smugness of the house sleeps in the deeping bliss of ignorance,And even in the quaking and shaking twixt the world and structures above the root retains the stolid feeling from the healthiness of the love that grows above it. Push may come to shove as they say, but far sooner it twould have had to come, to break the bonds of the house and the land when finally the powers sought to fight and shake loose the chain that sought to bind them ,and so it came to pass and in time build another solidarity and again it seemed the house was one with the earth,but the wise advise the house living there now,” power to survive comes from many directions,do not forget the might that can creep from below.” and. “may it be long ‘fore this house see the unrest, that destroyed the one before it!”


I miss the few years I was so privileged to spend in a formal learning atmosphere. That consumption of knowledge energized my soul like nothing else could  have or has done to complete my sense of some sort of worth. No, I never became an “expert” in any particular train of thought, but I found the chance to realize that all sectors of information, from Mathematics, to history, to the study of languages,ie communications, to the medical fields to the miniscule and the enormity of our universe, all work together to create a sense of oneness. And also it is nice to drink slowly from the cup of wealth that mankind has accrued through many years of guessing, trial and error, “scientific reasoning”, cause and effect, and history to fill my minds belly with the best sustenance available ever in the time of our lives. And to all the folks who read, write and think, while taking the time to at least consider other thinkers ideas, Bless you all and thank you again for challenging my own thoughts!  😀 to all folks!


Marionettes and puppets on a string,and socks on a hand, a ventriloquists Dummy, all move to the whim of their masters beat. No choices have they, where they go or stay, no words of their own may they utter. Preprogrammed existence, the price that they pay for the continuance of this worldly stay. People sometimes play this game of sloth, far easier is life with no decisions to make. No one gets angry when all goes his way. Far better existence, it seems to me, Is available when push comes to shove, when challenge gets thrown in the face of the constituents involved in any relationship. Then at least the candidates can deem, the worthiness and intelligence and strength and compassion of that portion of self the other wishes to share. Therein lies the ability to share equally the continuity of lasting friendships, and sharing of souls.