It is all rock and roll to me!; even the country!

It seems this is a perfect day for listening to music. Vickie and Seth bought a new pair of headphones and gave them to me in honor of Fathers Day.[Okay, I know that Hallmark made up the holiday so that they could fill the gap between Mothers day , and Independence Day] I am enjoying the tinninitis killer, {that is what I call it anyway} and the pure sound of Deep Purple, and Bread, Creedence Clearwater Revival, [what a name] , Train, Nickleback and Hinder , the Black Crows, …………Lord, how many bands have I listened to today? Of course every band and almost every song evoke memories of our past, but somehow make those memories current, if that is possible. Oh well it works for me. I have fallen into love, and cryed my eyes out over lost loves, and driven my vehicle like a madman, and simply felt safe and content due the talents of the artists, past and present, I have come to remember as if they were all an integral part of my life, even though I see the possibility many of them could have been, or would not be welcome in my home. Paradox? I do not care; the fact that they expressed their talents and were accepted is all that matters to me. Let the Enquirer Have the rest!  Hey, Kiss,  Beth! Later!

Is It True?

And things have fallen and the pattern is made, Finally a chance to read the way. An all new language it is to me, Learning the lingo will be a challenge at least. Peacefulness and privacy, so hard to find, can at last be had ; I will soon figure out if it is what I need. So long ago ,memory barely serves, I believe I used to thrive. Questions asked no more, get behind the wheel and roar, not a soul sitting beside to tell me no more. With nothing left to prove, and nothing left to lose, For awhile again I can just be me!


“Come hell or high water” my dad used to say,” I will be damned if I do not get my way.” I never asked what his way was cause “come hell or high water” I wasn’t getting in his way!