Grip. Get a grip. Build your grip. Buy a new grip. Loosen your grip. Tighten your grip .

If you loosen your grip on your grip you could lose your grip, and the grip on your angst, whereupon someone will be sure to remark , “That guy needs to get a grip on himself.”

Strange word this grip. grip, grip , grip. grip.  After awhile there does not seem to even be a real word there. grip, grip, grip , grip, grip

I have worn mine out now and promise to never get another grip. Promise…….

Gone Fishin….

While casting about for  some idea, some thought that might strike my imagination, something catchy but somewhat limited in its ability to express the letter F, I “got bit” by the big one ! Fishing, the act and the idea,more than demonstrates the scope and power that can be exemplified by a single letter from the alphabet We can fish for words , thoughts, ideas and compliments. Personal information,hugs and kisses, and critters from under the water can all be gathered by fishing ! Until the day…. Oh, F….. !   That one got away !

Care to Dance ?

There’s a big time bash coming into town

Everybody is gonna be getting down.

It’s fresh off the range

All the rage but kinda strange

They’re throwing around a name

Say it’s the Buffalo Boogie

Well the sound is so huge

and the movements pretty

the whole herds doing

The Buffalo boogie

With a thundering sound

yeah, a real ground pound

And a frenetic stampede

( Boys, take the lead )

Stomp the Buffalo boogie!

Down on the stage

Feel all the rage

Hear that bovine bawl

Answer the bulls’ love call

Stamp and blow, you all!

It’s a Buffalo boogie!

A herd mentality

Bovid reality

Bulls and cows getting down

On that free range sound

Fly sweeping moves.

It’s the Buffalo boogie!

MMMmmmmWHAAaaaaaaahhh !