Why are so many Americans ready to give over the power it takes to run the U.S. to a man who posesses no discernible manners and whose only attribute seems to be the ability to accumulate, though not necessarily keep, money ?

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  1. The answer is simple…because the he is the lesser of two evils. It is very difficult to contemplate a rationale argument as to why Trump is a great candidate… because he is not. But, his opponent has made a career out of corruption and lies.

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    1. I appreciate you comment, though I do not belive that, given a choice we should give control to a man as juvenile in mind as he is greedy in his heart. I have received comments from people arond the world who have expressed their concerns to me of both our candidates. I believe that the known evil of HC is less dangerous than the unknown potential evil of T. (Build a f…ing wall across the US?!) ( The Chinese did that when they were fighting on foot !)
      (Did not work effectively, either.)

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  2. Our news reported HC ‘s presentation the other evening and focused on her criticism of DT’s choice of furniture and a few other items (country of manufacture was the issue). I am almost at a loss for words that an individual who is running for the position of President of the US has nothing better to offer than to highlight DT’s personal purchases. While supporting US industries is very nice, I wonder how many of the voting public would be enthusiastic about walking away from low cost off-shore products? i.e. was the idea well thought through I wonder?

    A huge issue for me (it happens here as well), is the strategy to tell me who I should NOT be voting for. I think that I am capable of making that call without their help. What I ask from our politicians is tell me why I SHOULD vote for them. There is a huge difference!

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      1. If an ego could be numerically quantified on a scale, and if a red line was placed on the scale at the point where the ego level is an indicator of irrational behavior, then I think that DT would be over that red line! (Note that I am not ending this comment with a smiley face).

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  3. People who often feel the most left behind by society and by their own lack of sufficient education to succeed, are often the most susceptible to a conman. Their extremely desperate state of despair seeks our a man with an extreme personality (in this case a man with a extreme personality of of hate and divisiveness). When it seems that change has left you behind, you find comfort in a politician who promises to turn back that change. When a person sees themselves in times not as good as they were in the past, they feel like it is the fault of groups of people who are ever increasing in their numbers and prosperity. They do not see this as the times are a changing. They see it as their economic security and social order being stolen. When a man comes along and reaffirms their suspicions and promises to get back a country that was stolen from them, they cling to him like a tick to a dog’s ass.

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  4. People who are often left behind by their lack of education, by an ever advancing and globalizing economy feel lost. They do not care about the complex and historical of a changing world, they look for something simple to blame. They conclude it cannot be that they have not been able to keep up with a changing world. They conclude that it is not the fact that the economy and society are always evolving. They know it has to be because someone took the world the way they knew it away from them. In enters a salesman, a conartist who tells them who to blame: immigrants, politicians, and other countries. He tops this desert of blame with the toppings of fear. Fear of terrorist and fear of crime. Most of them already had these thoughts of blame and fear, and this man of orange comes along with a message that correlates with their thoughts and fears. They feel like losers and this loud abomination of a presidential candidate tells them he will help them win. They feel they need a savior, and he promises to fill that roll.

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    1. Hardly ‘accumulates’ … wrong word! He has been a declared bankrupt x 3!
      WASTES money is more accurate.
      What does declared bankrupt mean … he welshed out of paying humungous debts! He owes millions – wages to ex-employees, etc … he is the total scoundrel … and we are all scared S—less you will give this egomaniac access to a crucial button?

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      1. So true, Kate. Now is not the time to keep calm. The mind boggles at how much he’s not been taken to the carpet for the crap he’s pulled. The media probably needs access to his friends (and their advertising revenues) so they won’t go after him. There’s a tragic sloppiness in all of this.

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      2. They really need to give him the SILENT treatment. He doesn’t need to pay for ads, speech writers or media … he is constantly in the news here! We want silence, please?

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  5. Having talked just a few Trump supporters (who didn’t know my complete revulsion to the man) and it was some variation of “he is good for jobs”, “he will shake DC up” and “Hillary is awful”. And the point here being it didn’t get any more complex, nuanced or in-depth than that. Some people when comes to things like politics and government which doesn’t provide instantaneous gratification or entertainment, just go along skimming the surface. And they don’t seem to be bothered by their superficiality.

    Another facet has been the effort to discredit the media (the left has as much blame as the right on this one) so that people can see a report in the NYT or Washington Post, and while factually true, the people will just say “it is all lies” without a blink of the eye.

    Of course there is more to it (such as the white (Christian) nationalist ideology that is more prevalent than people would like to believe).

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    1. No Detail Trump ! The idea man without an idea. [Yet] After this weekends interview with Stephanopoulos I think Mr Trumps knowledge of world events will be sorely tested much to his chagrin ! And the media. For most people ALL news is THE news as they forget that different news orginisations have different political priorities. Thanks.

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  6. I was amazed, as I was going throughout the US during nine weeks in May and June, at the number of people who can’t really bring themselves to choose between either of the main candidates that the parties have chosen to represent their respective points of views. A lot of people, if not the majority, will vote for one because they can’t bring themselves to vote for the other. More people, if they do vote, will vote against than there will be people who vote for a candidate.

    And the rest of the world is not comfortable with either of the candidates. In fact, many in the rest of the world understand the situation the Americans are in, because they are in a similar situation … being between a rock and a hard place, or Charybde and Scylla…For them, the former Secretary of State is as scary as the businessman who uses failures as a way of doing business.

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    1. Thank you ! Your reply means much to me, nor only for expessing a point of view originating from abroad, (from here ! LOL ) but for taking the time. As a Proud American, I can only say that the choice of a status quo politician is much better than choosing an undisciplined egoist who will only learn the true meaning of “political correctness” after insulting the world and embarrassing the U.S. on the global stage. Even that scenario might be acceptable if one thought that he held the slightest inkling of how to accomplish his fantastic vows.

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    2. In my fervor to answer your comment I may given the impression that I am in agreement with Mr. Trump on the ‘ issues’ he has raised . I would like to make clear that I do not think the man has the ability to see the world in any selfless manner.


      1. Do not worry, I very well understood from where you were coming from and what you meant. However, many among us from “abroad”, from outside the US do not hold Hillary in much better esteem. I would not like to be in your shoes these days, just like I could not bring myself to choose either of the three candidates in the last election in my own country not so long ago.

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      2. As an outsider also, I can only predict chaos if DT gets elected. HC seems to be the best of the choices available and, if she is successful, I hope that both parties will admit that the whole process was a total fiasco and portrayed US politics to the rest of the world as rather a joke. If both parties can agree on that (do they ever agree on anything?), then perhaps some changes are in order to prevent a repeat performance down the road.

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      3. I am happy to hear the view of someone who is close enough to see the picture without necessarily having to hear the noise. I believe that you have a good perception of the situation. Thanks for sharing , Colin. [ Changes ? Who knows? A bit of common sense and integrity would go a long ways toward making the process easier ! ]

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