As it is

If you are walking along and happen to cast a glance sidelong and you see a man with a wisp in his eye please do not stop and ask him why,sometimes it is best to just let the man cry. If he has not asked you along to share this lonely sojourn just stand aside and let him by, sometimes this is the way that a man cries. No reason clear, no smoke is near , some past error or slight and probably has nothing to do with you on this night, just stand aside and let him sigh, let the emotion slide, let the man cry .His  to give, as if the pressure on the cheek that caused the moisture to leak and run along the rugged chin could somehow make things right again.  Just can’t tell if heaven or hell could cause those salty tears to well up from the spring  hidden in the desert of a mans personal hell. Could be melancholy posted from days gone by, some emotional tangle never resolved, something left behind when life carried on, rearing up on an evening when his guard is let down and no reason right now to quash it away unless a body stops by to wish a nice day but better it is to glide on by with soft tipped wings and allow emotion to die. Joy and pride and who live or died and who got lost or found, are all common grounds to water and tend to now and again and you know that if passing the time ceases the flow, long it may be ere the relief lets go,  so sometimes its best not to ask or really even wonder why. It belongs to him to let er fly,  a moment in life, just let the man cry.

11 thoughts on “As it is

  1. Really? Isn’t it sometimes easier to open to strangers than the people you have known forever? Maybe at times a simple hug might do some good.. No questions, no answers, just a hug and a caring smile..

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  2. I love the way you wrote that, William – the way your ideas flow freely from one thought to another. Very thought-provoking, too, and good advice to remember when I’m about to open my mouth, unasked, to offer comfort.

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