I really need to get something off my mind. I am really kinda sick and tired of reading , every day, of the ills and bad wills and atrocities happening in the world today! I want and deserve and am entitled to live in a peaceful world of plenty and I expect SOMEONE to formulate a plan, and execute said plan , and fix the pestilence of this world; I demand these things be done NOW!

While this Someone is fixing this planet I DO NOT WISH TO BE DISTURBED ! I will offer my full support to this endeavor as long as no one expects ME to actively DO anything as I am entirely too busy assuring that my own comforts and desires and goals are being achieved while this undoubtedly arduous process is being consumated.

I truly believe that if the PEOPLE will get behind this plan and push for its execution promptly, The Worlds ills can be cured before the beginning of the NFL 2016 season.

Thank you for your support !


17 thoughts on “NOW!

  1. Strong stuff here, William, all presented in a great tongue-in-cheek/sarcastic way that really made me laugh. You’ve pin-pointed the attitude of many of us who love the easy, comfortable life and expect others to keep it that way for them. ‘I’m all right Jack’ is an attitude all too easy to adopt.
    Another thought-provoking one, cleverly veiled in humour.

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  2. William, great expression of the lack of empathy in reacting to the recent atrocities. I was reading stories about people who complained about ruined vacations in Turkey and France. “OMG, I have all of this wonderful shopping and now my shopping’s useless.” “OMG, I should have swiped left.” In other words, “Can I have world peace so I can enjoy my Tindr date abroad?” Wow! Indifference is the opposite of love, they said.

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