Did you know ?

Americans possess more tools of construction
Than weapons of destruction.


20 thoughts on “Did you know ?

      1. Well… as noted on an earlier Post, I would like to believe that the US voting public learn from BREXIT, but I am given to understand that so many don’t even know about BREXIT. Sadly, at a time when communications have never been easier (re internet/email/texting), there still seems to be a lack of interest in world affairs.

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  1. What are we constructing with those tools? Government buildings? Highways, dams, oil and gas pipelines? It’s not the tools, but how you use them that determines whether they are “constructive” or “destructive.”

    That war is good for the economy is a tired old line, perpetrated by those who profit from them. Every war we have waged has put us farther in debt and more at odds with each other. The people who declare the wars do not fight the wars, and those who are expected to pay for wars have yet to be born.

    I’m with you, Bro. Dream on.

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      1. You, my friend, are a bigger dreamer than I …. but more power to you! Let’s just keep some sanity in the internet dialogues and who knows what the outcome might be! Perhaps DT will be unsuccessful?


  2. But of course many tools of construction are in the military construction business, and military business is big business. Someone once said that a war every now and then is really good for the US economy. Then of course, sale of firearms is also a very lucrative business. Cannot help but think that if we could remove the desire to fight wars, and make some and strategic planning decisions re the arms industry, the world would be a little more congenial.

    Removing a perceived need to fight wars would presumably reduce the numbers of military personnel.
    Less people returning to civilian life after adapting to a military culture + less people trained in fire arms use = theoretical reduction in illegal use of fire arms.

    Yes I know…… I’m a dreamer! 🙂

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    1. I believe the missing ingedients to be modesty, humility, and generosity. If folks could quit mistaking kindness for weakness the worlds society might have a better chance . And no, I do not intend to don a hooded frock and join a monastery ! Yet! ; )

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      1. And what would be wrong with that?

        I didn’t know that fact and am sincerely relieved to hear it! We must be forgiven for thinking that weapons are wars are #1 preoccupation in us …

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    2. I would not be good with a machine gun. I would miss the target and probably get something I like, like my pets. And, sad to say, as long as the police and military have guns, I believe others should have the same privilege.

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