Hunh !


20 thoughts on “Diagnosis

  1. Oh my fuckness. I could google “gout” to find out exactly what it is, but I already know it’s painful, and isn’t THAT enough. I also know that Bobby Hill got it by eating too much of things -perhaps things of a particular nature-available at the delicatessen. Doesn’t drinking also cause gout?

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    1. The intake of purines and the breakdown of them within the body releases uric acid into the bloodstream that can form into needle-like crystals which in turn settle into the joints, causing damage and pain. Yes drinking cartoon beverages can cause gout symptoms to worsen. ; )


  2. Haven’t heard of anyone dying of gout … painful but with the right diagnosis they should be able to tackle your pain better now. Looking forward to more posts, and look after yourself!

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  3. Not that I “like” that you have gout, but you do now have an explanation for your discomfort. And I believe it’s treatable; that, in itself, is a blessing…

    So have a seat, relax, and entertain us all with your quick and brilliant mind. Please and thanks! 🙂

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