So, I am sitting around on a Saturday evening, bored as a gourd with nothing constructive to do, so I flip through some you tube videos and settle on watching season 14 Most Fun American Idol and find myself smiling to the point of crying and I wonder WTF is the matter with me.
Have you ever 24 ? Been so caught up in all the negative you have surrounded yourself with for the past year that you finally lost the ability to communicate in a positive manner ?
So,it is with a sense of relief bordering on foolishness and patheticism, and having discovered a newborn sense of wonder and amusement, I now have found a sense of direction and the remembered feeling of joviality necessary to help guide me back to,
personability, if you will.

Anyway, this bit made me feel a bit better, and a little bit better is definitely better than a bunch of bitter ! ; )

9 thoughts on “Horizons

      1. Oh that’s right!, it’s done forever. Your picture up there, with the man who looks like Jeff Goldblum but somehow less annoying, your photo makes me glad I won’t have to see more of he. And Jennifer Lopez…she doesn’t need to be socked, no. She needs to be irked. By me. I do mean needs, not I Want To.

        I want to be a famous twat. I’m more than halfway there!

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  1. Heeee’s back! 🙂 it is good to hear the laughter in your voice again, sir, though seriousness certainly has its place as well. But you are so right about a “little bit better is definitely better than a bunch of bitter.” (Are we back to the alphabet challenge here?) 🙂

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      1. Perhaps we should find a different word than “worry,” even though it is apt. Maybe something more positive like “enjoying” or uplifting like “revering”… lol! I just kinda want to see you leave the worry behind for a day… 🙂

        Have a beautiful and blessed day today!


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