Non Plussed

The past six to eight weeks have found me dealing with a health issue , one that I cannot seem to get a step ahead of. Abdominal bloating and shortness of breath along with painfully swollen feet and calves has led to much blood work and a scheduled battery of tests to try to determine what and from where this malady is and occurs. Several common culprits have been ruled out and a few unlikely scenarios are being investigated. I write this, not to alarm anyone, but to try to clarify the importance inherent to a potentially life style changing ailment to myself as I have never endured any medical emergency much more serious than a pesky case of pneumonia and a minor TIA in my life. I suppose that I am trying to say that ” Even if my scribblings begin to quibble with various physical maladies and the treatments involved, rest assured that I remain nonplussed inasmuch as my views on life and soul remain essentially unchanged. Thank you all in advance for your future patience and understanding . ”   ; )

20 thoughts on “Non Plussed

  1. I think I’ve been away for too long.
    I hope you know what’s wrong now? And I wish you speedy recovery. And hoping this day brings sunshine to your life and strength to your soul.

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    1. Yes you have been away for too long. Anytime you are away is too long ! I am hoping we have a handle on this condition for it has taken several months to come to a diagnosis. Nothing life threatening but extremely aggravating. Sweet of you to ask and I wish for you the same! ; )

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  2. Sorry to hear about your illness, Will! 😦 I also have been dealing with a medical mystery for close to 8 years now; non life threatening, just annoying. I finally gave up on the medical professionals being able to diagnose it; which means there is no treatment for me except pain management…

    I wish you better luck than that. Or better yet, I wish you a miraculous recovery, even if they never discover the cause!

    As writers we can do that, you know; creating stories, even with improbable plot lines and outcomes, is nonetheless doable. So I am writing you better health and comfort, my friend…

    Meanwhile, if I find you meandering through dark tales of institutionalized medicine, I will look for your smile in every shadowed corner… 😉

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    1. Of course you are right Lisa, and I do expect some of my future posts to be self pity related because If I can find a way to humorize “modern medicine” I will. Thank you for your support and understanding, Lisa ! ; )

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  3. Liver trouble? In Oriental medicine, liver trouble is associated with repressed anger and resentments, inhibiting the liver’s ability to detoxify. Ask your dreams for answers and clues about how to get better.

    The kidney also detoxifies, and it is associated with maintaining balance in life.

    (This advice is totally unscientifically proven, so you are a guinea pig for a theory. Let me know if any of it is helpful.)

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      1. No boobies in my dreams. More like booby traps. Dreams connect me with multiple “probable” or possible realities. It’s up to me to pick which string to follow. The healing string, for instance.


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