To L ? Or not to L !

This A-Z challenge has been fun,  for the most part. Approximately halfway through I am finding though that writing a piece of at least semi-serious ,relevant or, humorous material everyday can be an onerous task made worse by having to mold each thought around an alphabetic mold.  In short the “fun factor” is rapidly waning and if this short paragraph on “L” day that mentions the word LOVE, as in I used to LOVE to write, does not stir my inner flame to new heights, this shall be my final entry within the parameters of said challenge .  Thank you !

6 thoughts on “To L ? Or not to L !

  1. Yours is the second blog I’ve read today, both about giving up the challenge to get back to the joy of writing. Today will probably be my last post for the challenge also. I was happy with one quality post per week, now I feel like I just have to throw anything out there to say I did it, and there ain’t no joy in that : ) Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ll be snooping around yours now, with no concern over the alphabet!

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    1. Well I must say that the challenge has brought new connections to me and my blog. And I might just use the mid alphabet as an adjustment period toward finishing the thing. You are welcome and I will be seeing you around, so to speak ! ; )


  2. I met this girl once, she wore chiffon and glittery face paint. Her eye lashes were about a half inch long, her breasts could’ve served as a model for a ski slope. She spoke, ‘Tell me of your human emotion called love’.

    ‘I’m ignorant there,’ I told her, ‘I only know it’s one of the prices woman make you pay’.

    ‘Intriguing,’ she said, ‘what is it you get in return’.


    ‘That doesn’t make sense’ she said, her forehead furrowed with a quizzical frown and a pout on her moistened lips.

    ‘That’s the end of the first lesson,’ I said, ‘you need a practical experience for a more profound insight, would you like to know more…’

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