Care to Dance ?

There’s a big time bash coming into town

Everybody is gonna be getting down.

It’s fresh off the range

All the rage but kinda strange

They’re throwing around a name

Say it’s the Buffalo Boogie

Well the sound is so huge

and the movements pretty

the whole herds doing

The Buffalo boogie

With a thundering sound

yeah, a real ground pound

And a frenetic stampede

( Boys, take the lead )

Stomp the Buffalo boogie!

Down on the stage

Feel all the rage

Hear that bovine bawl

Answer the bulls’ love call

Stamp and blow, you all!

It’s a Buffalo boogie!

A herd mentality

Bovid reality

Bulls and cows getting down

On that free range sound

Fly sweeping moves.

It’s the Buffalo boogie!

MMMmmmmWHAAaaaaaaahhh !


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