Who would you be?

I have always thought that I was pretty good about just being me. Often, when folks approach and remark on how much I have changed since they had seen me last , I feel a bit of shock.  Then again, I kind of figure that they must have missed Act II, Scene 2 . (or they never came back after intermission ) I do hate being typecast anyway.

29 thoughts on “Who would you be?

      1. I know. However, when I find someone makes a stupid comment, asking exactly what they mean usually shuts them up or they then try to explain, looking like an idiot 🙂
        all good here in London, time for work!

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  1. I tend to avoid reunions because the typecasting is dull and people think that when you don’t answer their rude questions you’re being antisocial. If life is a long performance, as Douglas has said, then the audience has no say in the matter.


    1. We have participants and audiences in our lives. Yes the audience gets only what it deserves but as participants can we not play with their sensibilities a bit ? {We do owe ourselves the knowledge of just who the participants are and who comprise the audience though. All right! Now we have a philosophical quandary on our hands. I shall probably be up all night trying to sort my thoughts! } ; )

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      1. It was a very good film and I loved it so much. I think the architecture of the story was brilliant and people had to do a bit of a reset to watch it. I have been a fan of Batman (as opposed to Superman) because Superman has some unattainable qualities. Like selflessness. But knowing you can’t die makes it easy to be. That’s it for spoilers, I think.

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      1. The question is directed to Milfordstreet as an inside joke, but since you seem to have a bit of inside information, I should be pleased to hear from you ! No, I have not seen the movie but I probably will not view it for quite some time. Please feel free to play the “spoiler” for me ! ; ) If you do not wish to spoil it for anyone who bothers to read my comments, feel free to williamleeone@gmail.com ; )

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      2. Really, William? You’re so cool. I absolutely love spoilers, and will totally devour them before watching a film (even if I don’t have to pay). Especially because two hours is a significant investment and I want to know what I’m getting.

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