21 thoughts on “I get the Sense

  1. Many loving thoughts on this. I often try to imagine how other life forms perceive the world, the senses they might have that I don’t possess and don’t even know exist. Also, how they might perceive human beings and what they may see as our clumsiness. While we may see a deer, for instance, and believe we know them, do we really? Even pets are mysteriously unavailable to us, even though they are right under our noses (and feet) all the time.

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      1. If you want wrenches, check out my recent blog post on “The Cosmic Commune.” It’s the beginning of a series intended to subvert our human-centered hubris.

        “Introducing the Cosmic Improv Group” was an earlier blog.


  2. If you cannot see, love will find you and help you to see..
    If you cannot hear, the silence is the language that chimes rhymes..
    If you cannot smell, the acts of love still lingers to remind..
    If you cannot taste, you enjoy the texture and warmth (or lack thereof) of the dishes..
    If you cannot feel, you still feel a void and hence proved false.. 😉 😛

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  3. I love the “sensible” approach you took here, but it raises some questions for me… For example, are we saying that what we cannot sense in some way does not exist, as the last line implies? Or are we suggesting that the senses can deceive us occasionally, because we may miss what we seek simply because we do not perceive it immediately through our senses?

    Sorry… only had one cup of coffee so far; I could still be talking in my sleep… 😉

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    1. I love that the sense of the thing jarred your senses enough to attempt the analysis. I wrote this in the wee hours and have not yet decided what it means to me ! Leaving the final line unrhymed is designed to draw ones full attention,though. Thanks for the comment ! ; )

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