17 thoughts on “Have you ever 20

      1. COMIIIIINNNNGGG.. Anyway, I’m just peeping from this end.. Not yet brave to venture in.. Thanks for the shout out!! 😀

        A tiny whisper.. Is that my name.. 😛 guess you are subtly telling me to drop the ‘i’.. 😉 😛

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      2. Yeah, me too ! Normally I would consider this to be a typographic error but today I think I will name it FATE ! Tomorrow, I will change it back. Until then have a nice day Aadarhai ! ; )


      3. Are you naming it FATE or FTAE?! 😛

        That’s a very unique personalisation of my name.. 😉 Call whatever you want, as long as you are addressing me, I will be happy with it.. 😉

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