The Trouble with Tires

Hey, everybody look over here! There seems to be a flat tire on my car. This car will not function well with a flat tire. Who is in charge of flat tires around here anyway ? Does any one else out there have a flat tire ? Does anyone out there know someone who has a flat tire and how does that flat tire affect them? We should not be expected to be required to live with flat tires. No, I do not want you to help me fix my flat tire because if you manage to fix it, I will have nothing left to bitch about and will lose my standing as the leader of all who have flat tires. I just want to know why we have flat tires to start with. No, I just told you that I don’t want you to fix my flat tire and if you continue to insist I will ask one of my followers to knock you down so that I will still have a flat tire and a reason to bitch about them. What is that you ask… Yes I can fix a flat tire. I will fill the holes with so many nails that the tire will never again be able to go flat. Ridiculous you say ? You do not know what you are talking about, just ask any of these people around me what they know about flat tires and they will tell you the same thing I just told you, We should not have any flat tires !  Have you ever had a flat tire ? Since you have then you must be a part of the problem. You do not like what I have to say about flat tire then you must be the cause of all flat tires , Followers, knock him down ! Now as I was saying, flat tires…… infinitum

Written after watching a politician speak .

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